Custom Torsion Spring: Helical Springs

Custom made single & double helical torsion springs

Searching for a proven manufacturer to supply your medium to high volume custom torsion springs?  Specializing in building long-term partnerships with OEMS, Master Spring & Wire Form Co. has the expertise and latest equipment to manufacture your current design or suggest design improvements that solve your problem.  One of our case studies highlights how we provided rapid prototype service as part of a 20,000-piece order of double-torsion springs for the commercial lighting industry.

Our torsion spring manufacturing expertise includes:

  • Single-bodied springs
  • Double-bodied springs
  • All kinds of leg configurations

OEMs have partnered with us to supply weekly releases of torsion springs for their production lines.  Become one of our satisfied customers and stop worrying about your springs.  Request a quote today.

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Torsion Spring: Single and Double Helical Torsion

Torsion Springs: Double

A Double Torsion Spring is coiled out from the center rather than in from the ends, allowing both ends of the double spring to work together and provide unique torque for many different types of applications. See figure of double torsion spring design below.

A Double Torsion Spring

Torsion Springs: Helical

Some of the more common end configurations for helical torsion springs are shown below in SMI’s figure of Common Helical Torsion Spring End Configurations.

Helical Torsion Springs

See the diagram for Specifying Load and Deflection Requirements for Torsion Springs in our Technical Resources.

Torsion Spring Configuration

As your torsion spring supplier, Master Spring offers custom solutions in the following configurations:

  • Torsion Spring Wire Diameter
    We manufacture single and double helical torsion springs with a wire diameter of 0.010” up to 0.250” (0.25 mm to 6.4 mm).
  • Torsion Spring Material Type
    The most common material types for torsion springs are music wire, stainless steel, and hard drawn. We use all types of material, such as those listed in the Properties of Materials chart in our Technical Resources section.
  • Torsion Spring Industries and Applications
    We make single and double helical torsion springs for OEMs in different industries that require high quality components with tight tolerances.  See our Industries Served list to find out where our torsion springs are being used.

Torsion Spring Production

We use technologically advanced CNC formers to manufacture helical torsion springs. We take care of any Finishing required, such as stress relieve, shot peen, plate, passivate and dye or paint. We can also assemble the torsion spring into your mating part, or special pack them to prevent tangling. If you wish to test your design with a Rapid Prototype, this is one of the Engineering Services that we offer. Our entire factory is managed to meet the ISO 9001 standard.

Torsion Spring Manufacturer
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