Custom Torsion Springs: Specification Checklist

Specify all the critical aspects of your extension spring

Master Spring can take you through the whole process of designing and manufacturing custom torsion springs for your application. The following checklist is your first step. You can use this following checklist to make sure you specify all critical aspects of your torsion spring.  For help with your torsion spring engineering, please call us at 708-453-2570.

Download the Torsion Spring Checklist
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The torsion spring checklist includes:

  • Working Conditions
  • Torque
  • Axial Space
  • Coil Direction
  • Maximum Wound Position
  • Wire Diameter
  • Mean Diameter
  • Number of Coils

Since 1945, Master Spring has specialized in custom single and double torsion springs. Contact us today for torsion springs engineered to meet your exact specifications.

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