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How to Achieve Short Lead Times on Prototypes and Production Orders: Part 2

In the previous post, we described just a few of the ways Master Spring achieves competitively short lead times on prototype and production orders. As promised, here are a few more ways we get your custom spring and wire form orders out the door.

Investment in Inspection Equipment

Investing in the latest inspection equipment, such as digital video inspection machines, can also help reduce lead times.  An inspection program with all of the blue print’s tolerances is saved so it is easy to change from inspecting one job to another.  Any out-of-tolerance dimensions are highlighted and quickly noticed.

Focus on Employee Training

Master Spring trains all of its employees on how to use the newer equipment. The training may be general computer skills, a little more specialized CAD training class, or machine-specific training. In addition to the mechanical mind that has always been required, the manufacturing employees require computer skills to control the production, tooling and inspection equipment.

Process Reviews

Lastly, Master Spring reviews or maps all of its processes (from receipt of a request for quote to shipping the parts to the customer) and the links between its processes. It then identifies points where a job is standing idle and waiting.

An example of a waiting time is a job may be waiting for purchasing to buy the wire for the job or it is waiting for the quality inspector to give first piece approval.  Master Spring tries to remove all of these little waiting times that can actually add up to weeks of time. Master Spring has sent employees to educational classes and conferences at the University of Wisconsin, where the engineering department researches and teaches Quick Response Manufacturing (http://qrm.engr.wisc.edu/).

As you can see, it takes a lot more to embrace short lead times as a strategy than just trying to push hot rush jobs through your plant.  I hope the examples of changes that Master Spring made to reduce lead times and quicken rapid prototyping will spark ideas for you.

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