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A Torsion Spring Success Story:

Delivering shorter lead times for custom torsion springs

There are a number of things Master Spring has done to be able to achieve short lead times for customers. Here’s just one example of how the improvements that Master Spring has made allowed it to help a new customer by offering rapid prototyping and short production lead times for a custom torsion spring.

The OEM customer is based in Eastern United States and manufactures commercial lighting products for retail, industrial, office, school, hospital and outdoor parking applications. They were working on a new lighting product that required four double torsion springs out of 0.051” Galvanized Music Wire.  They designed the double torsion spring and sent Master Spring a Request For Quote.  We sent the quote back the same day.

The next day, they gave us the purchase order for prototypes. Because the new lighting product was important to the company, the owner and his top engineer flew to Master Spring three days later. We had the machine set-up with a few of their prototypes made.  We tested the fit and function of the double torsion springs on their lighting product.  They asked us to make a few adjustments to the spring and we were able to make the adjustments on the CNC wire former while they were here. The customer approved the final design and gave us an order for 20,000 springs. Three hours after their arrival, they flew back home and we began work on their order. We ran the production order while they flew back home.  They could not believe how fast they went from the RFQ to making prototypes, to making adjustments on the spot, and finally to filling the production order.  It was fun to see our strategy working to the satisfaction of a new customer.

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