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Learn about Master….Faster: Meet Jeff Burda

Meet some of the dedicated men and women who have helped us become your go to source for custom made springs and wire forms:

jeffName:  Jeff Burda

Role:  Spring maker/President 

Years at Master Spring: 37 

Family: Yes

Prized possession: My kids

Cubs or Sox:  Sox

Cats or Dogs: Dogs

Quickly, name 5 things that contain springs or wire forms: Trains, Planes, Automobiles, Tools, Toys

Give me one cool fact about spring making or wire forming:  Its stored energy. People take our products for granted like nuts and bolts.

What do you like about your job at Master Spring? Working with people from literally all over the world to help

I stay home to watch: The Blackhawks

Favorite snack: Candy covered peanuts

Favorite song: Come Monday

Describe yourself in three words: Short, Grey, Happy

Finish this sentence: If it wasn’t for springs …. I wouldn’t be here

Best advice you ever received: When I first starting working with wire my dad told me “Remember – Wire is like your brother. It goes to the point of least resistance.” Jim had fun every day of his life.

Describe your ideal customer:  Those who understand tolerances.

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