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Wire Form Spring Clips for the Electronics Industry

Designing and manufacturing spring clips with near-zero defects

Custom Spring Clips for Electronics

Learn how highly repeatable production and inspection processes result in near zero wire clip defects

This customized wire form spring clip for the electronics industry is a great example of the reliability and peace of mind that we give to our OEM customers. These clips hold a heat sink firmly and uniformly against a printed circuit board to cool it.

The OEM customer has different size and shapes of heat sinks and so needs different size and shapes of spring clips to hold them. Master Spring was able to rise to the challenge and create custom wire forms that work for the OEM perfectly every time.

Wire Form Spring Clip

The Challenge:

The OEM electronics customer orders four different custom wire spring clips in quantities of 15,000 to 30,000 pieces per spring clip a few times each year. The spring clips are an integral part to the functioning of the OEM’s heat sink. The spring clip has multiple bends and the two sides must be mirror images of each other for the customer’s product to work correctly. Each spring clip is bagged and labeled so it can be packed un-assembled with the OEM’s product. The OEM’s customers assemble the spring clip to the heat sink and to their printed circuit board. If a spring clip were out of tolerance, the OEM’s customer would find out first as opposed to on the assembly line of the OEM. Therefore, the OEM requires precise wire forming and packaging with near zero defects.

The Custom Wire Form Process:

  • CNC Wire Forming with Laser Sensors to Monitor Dimensions
  • In–Line Oven Stress Relieving
  • Special Packaging — One Clip Per Heat–Sealed Bag with Label

Designing and Manufacturing the Spring Clip

We use extremely precise CNC wire forming machines to manufacture this spring clip. The machine set-ups are repeatable because this machine’s design makes it is easy to match the exact tooling positions for each set-up. The CNC wire forming machines also gives us the ability to make wire forms that can meet exacting specifications. After loading the same machine program and the same tooling into their identical position, the first piece of a repeat order measures nearly identical to the last time the job ran. The only difference may result from different batches of wire material that may react slightly different to the forming. The job is not run until it receives first piece approval from the quality inspector.

The quality inspector uses a digital video measuring machine to inspect every dimension on the customer’s print. The inspector loads the same inspection program every time the job is run. The inspection program contains all of the customer’s dimensions and tolerances, and is a way for the quality inspector to easily see each component of the custom wire form to find out if it will work properly for the customer. We save the first article inspection report, which contains the wire heat number for material traceability, for every job that we run. After first piece is approved, the machine monitors important dimensions during the production run with laser sensors. If a dimension is not hit, the machine will stop. After cold formed, the parts fall one by one onto the conveyor belt in-line oven where they are uniformly stress relieved. As the parts travel near the end of a cooling conveyor belt, they are individually packed into a pre-labeled bag and heat-sealed.

The Result:

We have been making these four uniquely customized wire forms a few times per year for several years and have had zero complaints. Our OEM customer packs one of our labeled and bagged wire spring clips with their heat sink. This OEM customer’s purchasing, engineering and management personnel have a peace of mind knowing that when their customer opens the bag and assembles our clip to the heat sink, the clip will fit and work every time. Our customer expects the annual quantities of these spring clips to grow quickly in the near future.

One of the Four Wire Spring Clip’s Specifications:


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At Master Spring and Wire Form, we have the ability to design and manufacture a wide variety of wire forms. We specialize in supplying OEMs their requirements of medium to high quantities of springs and wire forms.

Browse our gallery of custom wire forms or read our custom wire forms product page to learn about our capabilities. Contact us if you need a custom wire form for your application at (800) 836-2243.

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