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Quality Control

Our approach to quality starts with values. We are dedicated to quality in every aspect of our business system, including quoting, production planning, part realization, delivery and customer service. Master Spring’s quality control system ensures consistency and inspires confidence in our spring and wire form solutions.

We Meet Industry Standards for Quality

At Master Spring, our commitment to quality is 100%. Quality doesn’t start after your product is manufactured—it is woven into everything we do, from strong management and responsive leadership to our investment in technology.

Each element of our quality system is certified to industry standard. The standard is based on the following quality management principles:

  • Customer focus
  • Leadership
  • Engagement of people
  • Process approach
  • Improvement
  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Relationship management

Master Spring quality control guidelines

upclose of manufacturing of a compression spring

Our Approach to Quality Assurance in Manufacturing

Our process approach challenges us to systematically define procedures and interactions. We continuously evaluate our performance opportunities for improvement using the “Plan, Do, Check, Act” cycle.

Additionally, our decision-makers understand the risks that can potentially impact your custom spring or wire form solution. Projects in the manufacturing industry affect time, cost, safety and materials.

Because we identify risks, anticipate outcomes and implement preventative solutions, Master Spring is able to deliver on its goal of attracting and sustaining the confidence of our customers.

Quality Control Process Steps

Our experts consistently set the bar high for quality assurance and customer service. Working as a team, Master Spring employees rigorously control and oversee essential quality control process steps, including:

  • Assist and review design criticals, tolerances, materials and applications
  • Determine required process flow, selecting machinery and sequencing
  • Anticipate risks and solutions with process failure mode effects analysis (PFMEA)
  • Control plans, including first piece and final
  • Perform repeatability and reproducibility (Gage R&R)
  • Report process capability studies (CPK)
  • Approve ideal vendors for outside services
  • Calibrate tools and secure the latest CNCs for minimal variability
  • Verify and document results

We care about not only our customers, but also the people designing, prototyping and manufacturing your products. That’s why we hold ourselves to the highest standards of teamwork, dignity and respect.

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We strive to earn your confidence in our custom springs and wire forms. Our experts have the skills to deliver high-quality parts on time and to your exacting specifications. More than producing parts that fulfill an immediate need, our goal provides you with an excellent experience working with our professional engineers and customer satisfaction team.

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