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How the Compression Spring Revolutionized Pinball

pinball-spring At Master Spring, one of the areas we specialize in is the manufacturing of springs for the pinball industry.

As you can imagine, a pinball machine, which counts on the precise orchestration and exact timing of an untold number of moving parts, is filled with an array of springs and wire forms. And in order to ensure optimal performance, each of these parts must be manufactured to exacting specifications, quality and tolerances.
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Putting a ‘Spring’ in Your Step with a Compression Spring

Recently, I wrote about how my family and I like to play a game in which we each try to spot  springs in unusual places (e.g. in an ad for Maybelline Cosmetics).  This is not only a fun way to pass the time, but it also serves to reinforce  the idea that springs can be found just about anywhere.

spring into step So imagine my excitement when I stumbled across another great example of a spring being used in an unusual place – this time in an advertisement for shoes. Not only does this ad do a fantastic job of displaying the kinetic energy storing power of a compression spring, but it also highlights a missed business opportunity.
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Spring Manufacturing: How Do They That?

If you’re like my husband, you watch a lot of “how to” shows.  Whether it’s landscaping, flipping houses, home repairs, cooking or even rescuing bars, there’s a program showing viewers how to do everything.

Initially I thought these shows exist because people want to repair and create stuff on their own.  However, after living with my husband for nearly 2 decades without a replica of Stonehenge in our yard, waterfall feature, or even pond I now think that people simply like to watch how stuff is made.
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How are they Made: Compression Springs in Action

While springs come in a number of shapes and sizes, the image most people conjure up when they think of one is that of a compression spring.

And why is that? It probably has something to do with the array of applications that use compression springs. In fact, these handy little displays of mechanical engineering, capable of storing large amounts of energy, are so diverse you will probably come across hundreds of them as you go about your daily routine. From filtrations systems and engine valves to pogo sticks and shock absorbers, compression springs can be found everywhere.
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