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  • Accepted file types: step, cad, pdf, sldprt, stp, igs, jpg, jpeg, tiff, png.
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The Master Spring team is eager to review your request for a custom spring or wire form. Please complete the form and provide all details, including PDF and CAD files. Read below to find additional information to assist as you submit your request.

**CAD Files and or PDF Files:
E-mail your CAD or PDF file to info@masterspring.com. We use SolidWorks. We can view any SolidWorks document. If your file is not in SolidWorks, then please send an .IGES or .STEP file.

Please also send a .PDF file of your blueprint with your desired nominal dimensions and tolerances. If you only have a CAD model and not a dimensioned drawing, we can still quote you. However, we require a dimensioned blueprint with your order.

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RFQ Tips:

  • Include when you need the quote.
  • Include when you need to receive the parts.
  • Include the application the spring or wire form will be used in.
  • Please review the Quote Preparation Checklist (opens PDF) and send us as much of the information that you have.
  • Please visit our Technical Resources section for helpful information and references to diagrams.

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Manufacturing Springs for the Automotive Industry

Learn how Master Spring was able to manufacture a compression spring to support the thin walls of an automotive hose. The challenge was to have the spring fit the tolerance to not protrude the hose. We are able to produce approximately 6,000,000 compression springs to spec.


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