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Custom Hooks: Swivel, Extended, & German Hooks

Designing and Manufacturing Custom Hooks and Clips to Meet Your Needs

Learn about some of the specific kinds of wire hooks we can make for you

Master Spring and Wire Form Co.’s expert wire form manufacturers can create any type of custom hook, even more specialized kinds such as swivel hooks, German hooks, and extended hooks. With over 70 years of testing and experience, Master Spring has built its reputation on supplying OEMs with whatever custom wire hooks they might need for their application. Below, you can learn about some of the popular types of hooks and extension springs we can create, with each able to be customized to your exacting specifications.

Swivel Hook

Swivel hooks are hooks that can move around at their base, and can commonly be attached to a spring The swivel movement makes this a strong fastener, as it can move to adjust to any movements. Heavy Duty swivel hooks can be made in all sizes for many mechanical applications.

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Swivel Hook

Extension Hook

Extended Hook

Extended hook springs are hook that are not enclosed and have an extended shank. The extended hook attached to an extension spring is useful when you need a longer hook length that can give you more force throughout the spring.

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German Hook

German hooks are attached to the ends of spring without being closed. The unenclosed hook makes this a versatile hook, as it can be attached to many things in mechanical and industrial applications. They are attached to extension springs and offer great durability for the spring.

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German Hook


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