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Spring Design and Material Properties Guide

What types of spring materials do manufacturers use at Master Spring and Wire Form Co.? Browse our spring material properties guide for information about spring design, nominal chemistry, tensile properties, torsional properties, Rockwell hardness, chief uses, and more.

Materials for Custom Springs and Wire Forms

To meet your industry’s diverse needs, Master Spring specializes in manufacturing custom springs and wire forms from a broad range of material types. Some of the most common coil spring materials we use include music wire, stainless steel (type 302, type 316 and type 17-7 PH), hard-drawn wire, chrome silicon, and phosphor bronze. Coupling this selection with our years of expertise in the industry, we stand out by producing the types of springs and wire forms other manufacturers simply will not quote.

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At Master Spring, we use a Properties of Materials Guide, which lists common wire materials used for springs and wire forms. It also lists common flat-stock or strip materials used in stampings. Explore the guide for nominal chemistry, minimum tensile strength, maximum operating temperatures, Rockwell hardness, and suitable uses for each material. Check out our list of spring materials below.

Common Wire Form and Coil Spring Materials:

What do engineers and designers use to develop springs? Explore our list of extension, coil, and compression spring material types now:

  • High-carbon spring wire
  • Carbon and alloy wire
  • Hard-drawn wire
  • Alloy steel wire
  • Stainless steel wire
  • Non-ferrous alloy wire
  • High-temperature alloy wire
  • Special-purpose alloy wire
  • And many more!

Need assistance?

Need help determining which spring wire material you’ll need? Wondering if we can create the right compression, extension, or torsion spring for you? Our engineers and customer support team can help you walk away with the best solution. Find out more about our materials guide or contact us today to request a quote.


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Types of Spring and Wire Forming Material


Find expert information on springs and wire forms

From terminology to properties of wire materials, this is your technical resource for everything spring and wire form related.


One stop for All Your Production Requirements

From grinding, chamfering, drilling and threading to assembly and special packaging, we pride ourselves on delivering a full-service line of production services.


Prototyping, Design, Analysis & More!

From rapid prototyping to capability analysis, our engineers have the expertise to resolve even your toughest spring and wire form design challenge.


An ISO 9001 Registered Spring Manufacturer

With a rigorous quality assurance policy, we remain proudly committed to ensuring we are delivering springs and wire forms that match your exacting quality standards.


Answering All Your Ordering Questions

From first piece approval to order terms and "just in time" delivery, this section is dedicated to answering all your spring and wire form ordering questions.

A Torsion Spring Success Story

Manufacturing Springs for Commercial Lighting

At Master Spring and Wire Form, we take great pride in working with OEM engineers to improve their products by improving their spring and wire form components – and we think that this double torsion spring for commercial lights is a great example of that expertise.


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