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What is a Torsion Spring?

Torsion springs are helical springs that exert a force (called torque) in a radial direction. Unlike compression springs which are designed to keep mechanisms apart, torsion springs hold two mechanisms together.

There are two common types of torsion springs: single and double-helical springs.

Five Facts About Torsion Springs

  1. A torsion spring stores energy in a twisting, rotational motion.
  2. A torsion spring exerts force proportional to the force being applied, but in the opposite direction.
  3. A torsion spring provides a clothespin with its ability to clamp down on other items.
  4. A torsion spring can be designed to work clockwise or counterclockwise.
  5. Torsion springs are designed in a variety of sizes, materials and thickness for nearly any application.

How Torsion Springs Work

A torsion spring’s ends attach to other mechanisms that rotate around the center of the spring. The spring tries to push the attached mechanisms back to the original position. As the spring winds up, its body lengthens as it reduces in diameter.

A torsion spring’s tightness is proportional to the energy stored inside it. Tension must be removed from the spring in order to release the stored energy.

Torsion Springs for Outdoor Power Equipment

Common Torsion Spring Applications

Torsion springs are found in a wide variety of everyday items, from mouse traps to garage doors and more. In fact, anything that moves rotationally can use a torsion spring. Common torsion spring applications include:

  1. Clothespins
  2. Mouse traps
  3. Door hinges, hatches and lids
  4. Garage doors
  5. Vehicle suspension
  6. Clocks and watches
  7. Clipboards
  8. Small electronics, such as digital cameras
  9. Tailgates
  10. Ramps

Custom Torsion Springs

Master Spring manufactures made-to-order single and double helical torsion springs for OEMs. Our custom spring manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Torsion springs with wire diameters from .010” up to 0.250″
  • An array of material types, including music wire, stainless steel, hard drawn and more
  • A selection of finishes, including passivate, zinc plate, black oxide and more
  • Custom torsion spring designs to match your specific requirements and tight tolerances, including a variety of leg configurations.

We have the expertise and latest equipment to design and manufacture your next torsion spring order.

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