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Custom Wire Forms and Springs for Hand and Power Tool Manufactures

Turn to Master Spring for made-to-order construction and industrial tool spring and wire form solutions. With industry expertise, we can conquer even the toughest design demands for custom wire forms.

Custom Wire Forms and Tool Springs…

…for power hand tools, industrial equipment, construction tools & more

Master Spring has been manufacturing custom springs and wire forms for many years for OEMs of power tools, hand tools and other industrial equipment.  For many of these customers, we keep 1 to 3 months of inventory of their annual usage.  They release what they need weekly or every other week.  We are required to maintain a high monthly score for quality and on-time delivery.

This success story describes how we automated multiple operations to make a wire form for a power hand tool OEM.

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Springs and Wire Forms for Hand and Power Tool Manufacturers

Made-to-Order Power Tool, Hand Tool & Construction Equipment Solutions

We manufacture springs and wire forms to manufacturers of:

Industrial Tools
Cordless Fastening Systems
Pneumatic Fastening Systems
Construction Tools
Power Hand Tools
Industrial Equipment
And More!

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At Master Spring, we try to find ways to improve the process of making each OEM’s parts as we manufacture them year after year.  We also work closely with customers’ engineers on their product design improvements that involve a spring or wire form.  We manufacture the following types of components for power tools and hand tools:

  • Custom Wire Forms: including any shape formed from round wire with a diameter from .010” to .500”.
  • Compression Springs: including straight cylindrical, conical, barrel and hourglass shaped as well as ground and not ground ends.
  • Extension Springs: including all types of ends, loops, or hooks such as side-loops, center loops, German hooks, and extended hooks.
  • Torsion Springs: including single body torsion and double torsion custom springs with varying leg configurations.

A Wire Forming Success Story

A Custom Wire Forms for Power Hand Tools

When asked to compete globally and showcase our automated capabilities, Master Spring was able to outclass the competition.



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