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Custom wire Form and spring manufacturer


Master Spring is your expert for manufacturing unique metal springs and wire forms. We deliver a high level of customer support, experienced design help, and short lead times for emergencies and vendor-managed inventory. Customers select us to produce parts that are difficult to form, finish or package. We do what other industrial spring manufacturers and wire form companies can’t.

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Cost-effective, high-performance springs & WIRE FORMS

Industries we serve

How do we succeed at designing and manufacturing complex industrial springs and wire forms when others struggle?

  • KNOWLEDGEABLE engineers who work with you to design parts
  • EXPERIENCED toolmakers who create custom forming tools and gauges
  • SKILLED AND CREATIVE setup technicians who visualize and manufacture custom parts
  • STATE-OF-THE-ART wire forming and coiling machines for faster setup and run times
  • OWNERS/MANAGEMENT who support manufacturing complex parts efficiently

MASTER SPRING — Your team for innovative wire forming and a long-term partner in your success


We find solutions together

Customers seek us out when they can’t find wire form companies or spring manufacturers who can make their part. They stay with us because they value Master Spring’s extra level of personal attention, flexibility and collaboration. To get started, request a free quote and send us your dimensioned drawing in PDF and CAD files. We’ll work together to design and manufacture your next spring or wire form.

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A Compression Spring Success Story

Manufacturing Springs for the Molded Component Industry

Learn how Master Spring manufactures a ground compression spring to support the thin walls of an automotive hose without puncturing the hose. Our team of expert engineers and designers works closely with our client to fulfill their unique specifications. We produce over six million pieces of this metal spring each year.

  • Let's Create Something

    Master Spring is a leader in developing creative ways to manufacture complex parts. We partner with you to make the springs and wire forms other manufacturers can’t produce. Reach out to tell us about your project requirements.

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