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Single and Double Torsion Spring Design Resources

Explore the information below to find technical advice on torsion spring design, such as how to specify leg position and load requirements, common torsion leg configurations, and wire diameter sizes that we can form into large or small torsion springs.

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Torsion Spring Load Deflection

Torsion Spring Load and Deflection Requirements

The diagram to the left shows how to specify leg position and corresponding load requirements for a torsion spring.

Load and deflection requirements for torsion springs include:

  • L1 = Length of the moment arm of the first end
  • L2 = Length of the moment arm of the second end
  • P  = Load at installed position or load at final position

You can use common torsion spring specifications to find important measurements, including inner diameter, outer diameter, leg length, body length, and more.

Custom Torsion Spring Specifications Checklist

What information does Master Spring need to quote your torsion spring? Download the checklist to make sure you specify the critical dimensions of your custom torsion springs. For help with your torsion spring design, please call us at 708-453-2570.

Download the Checklist

Torsion Spring Technical Resources

Torsion Spring Wire Diameter

Whatever your torsion spring design, size and tolerance needs, Master Spring has the manufacturing capabilities to match. We have a wide range of CNC spring forming machines that can manufacturer custom torsion springs with wire diameters as small as 0.010” or as large as 0.250” (0.25 mm to 6.4 mm)—and any size wire in between!

Single and Double Torsion Spring Materials

We manufacture custom torsion springs from all types of material. The most common material types for torsion springs are music wire, stainless steel (type 302, type 316 and type 17-7 PH), and hard-drawn wire. Our diverse selection of springs and wire forms, coupled with our industry expertise, means you can count on us to design and manufacture a torsion spring to match your exacting needs.

Common torsion spring materials include:

  • High-carbon spring wire
  • Carbon and alloy wire
  • Hard-drawn wire
  • Alloy steel wire
  • Stainless steel wire
  • Non-ferrous alloy wire
  • And many more!
Download Properties of Materials Guide

End or Leg Configurations of Torsion Springs

There are many unique configurations for the ends and legs on a torsion spring. Some of the more common end configurations for helical torsion springs are shown below in Figure 2 from the Spring Manufacturing Institute’s Handbook of Spring Design.

Figure 2 from the Spring Manufacturing Institute’s Handbook of Spring Design

Double Torsion Springs Design Recommendations

A double torsion spring should be coiled out from the center rather than in from the ends. This design allows both ends of the double spring to work together and provides unique torque for many different types of applications. Refer to Figure 3 for the recommended way to design a double torsion spring.

Double Torsion Spring Diagram

Figure 3 recommended double torsion spring design diagram

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