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Expert Wire Form and Spring Manufacturer for the Electronics Industry

With over 75 years of manufacturing experience, Master Spring is a proven U.S. supplier of wire forms and coil springs for the electronics industry.

Made-to-Order Wire Forms and Coil Springs for Electronics Applications

We manufacture wire forms and springs for battery contacts, solenoid valves, antennae, heating elements, heat sink clips, electronic games and electronic equipment.

Coiled battery contact spring

Battery Connector

Part Names: Coiled battery contact spring, nickel plated coil battery spring

Industry: Electronics

Application: Coil spring battery contact

Material: 0.028” phosphate-coated music wire

Special Features: Electroless nickel plate, packed on tack boards to prevent tangling

Wire Form Clips

Spring Clip

Part Names: Heat sink clips, PCB spring clips, wire form clips

Industry: Electronics

Application: Spring clip quickly and securely mounts heat sinks to a wide range of electronics packages, including: BGA, QFP, LCC, LGA, CLCC, TSOP, DIPs and LQFP components without needing to drill holes in the PCB

Material: 0.033” stainless steel 302 wire

Special Features: Individually packed in heat sealed bags and labeled

Contact spring for touch-on, touch-off and hands-free faucets

Contact Spring

Part Names: Electric contact spring, conical spring, stainless steel conical compression spring

Industry: Kitchen and bathroom faucets

Application: Contact spring for touch-on, touch-off and hands-free faucets

Material: 0.024” Stainless Steel 302 Wire

Special Features: Conical spring with bottom end kicked in. Closed ends and not ground. Packed on tack board to prevent tangling.

Conical Valve Spring

Conical Valve Spring

Part Names: Solenoid valve spring, solenoid spring, conical valve spring, CEG conical compression spring

Industry: Solenoid valves

Application: Compression spring is used inside solenoid valves that control critical flow of air, gas, water, oil or steam

Material: 0.135” phosphate-coated music wire

Special Features: Closed ends and ground; zinc plate

Stainless steel extension spring

Agitator Motor Heater Spring

Part Names: Stainless steel extension spring, heating element extension spring, German loop extension spring

Industry: Beverage dispensing and cooling equipment

Application: Extension spring works as a heating element to keep ice agitator motor warm in beverage dispensing equipment

Material: 0.025” type 302 stainless steel wire

Special Features: German closed loops in-line

Battery terminal spring contac

Electrical Contact Spring

Part Names: Battery terminal spring contact, gold plated stainless steel electrical contact, coil spring contact

Industry: Electronics

Application: Coil spring battery contact in medical diagnostic equipment

Material: 0.028 gold pre-plated stainless steel 302 wire

Special Features: Gold-plated wire; packed three stacks of five nested pieces per ziplocked bag

Brass Coil Antenna


Part Names: Brass coil antenna, transmitter antenna, water meter antenna

Industry: Electronics

Application: Antenna for transmitter on water meter

Material: 0.032” brass spring tempered wire

Special : Coiled with variable pitch

Target reset tension springs for a pinball machine

Target Reset Spring

Part Names: Extension spring, target reset spring, pinball extension spring

Industry: Gaming, amusement and vending machines

Application: Extension spring is used as a target reset spring in pinball machines

Material: 0.016” phosphate-coated music wire

Special Features: One end has a side loop. The other end is a double loop that is a side loop at a 45-degree angle. This end is dipped in red dye to mark the correct end for installation.

3 Center hook extension springs

Pressure Roller Extension Spring

Part Names: Center hook extension spring, currency scanner extension spring

Industry: Currency scanners and sorters

Application: Extension spring provides feed roll pressure to notes in currency scanners and sorters

Material: 0.037” phosphate-coated music wire

Special Features: Center hooks in line; gap is 0.090” to 0.130”; finish is zinc trivalent with bake

Hold-down Relay Spring

Hold-down Relay Spring

Part Names: Extended-hook extension spring, stainless steel extension spring, relay hold-down extension spring

Industry: Industrial electrical control and monitoring products

Application: Hold-down spring to hold relay onto panel mounted socket

Material: 0.026” type 302 stainless steel wire

Special Features: Extended side hooks with two closed loops perpendicular to the leg on each end

Door Micro Extension Spring

Door Micro Extension Spring

Part Names: Small stainless steel extension spring, semiconductor wafer case spring, extended hook extension spring

Industry: Semiconductor device fabrication industry

Application: Spring used on door of case that transports, stores and protects semiconductor wafers and photomasks

Material: 0.013” type 302 stainless steel wire

Special Features: Long extended hooks

4 Barrel compression springs

Positive Contact Spring

Part Names: Barrel compression spring, tin-plated coil spring battery contact, positive contact spring

Industry: Electronics

Application: Positive contact spring used in audio equipment

Material: 0.030″ Phos Music Wire

Special Features: Barrel-shaped springs; strung onto wire to prevent tangling during tin-plating process

3 Stainless steel torsion springs

Tilt Counterbalance Spring

Part Names: Stainless steel torsion spring, tilt counterbalance spring

Industry: Electronics

Application: Torsion spring used in a tilt counterbalance mechanism

Material: 0.135” type 302 stainless steel wire

Special Features: Vibratory tumbled to remove sharp edges at cut-off; passivated

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Customer Success Story

Our OEM customer supplies heat sinks to the electronics industry to cool circuit boards. The heat sinks are held to the circuit boards with wire form spring clips. There are a variety of heat sinks, so our customer needs a variety of spring clips. Since our customer’s end customer is the one assembling the heat sink to the circuit board, the clips need to work every time. We custom manufacture every variation of clip our customer needs to precise specifications and provide individually bagged and labeled clips for direct shipment to the end customer.

Together We Achieved

  • Exact specifications
  • Precise tolerances
  • Custom packaging for direct shipment

Customer Wire Form Challenge

The spring clips are an integral part to the heat sink’s functionality. The spring clip has multiple bends, and the two sides must be mirror images of each other for the product to work correctly. Each spring clip is bagged and labeled so it can be packed unassembled with the OEM’s product. The OEM’s customers assemble the spring clip to the heat sink and to their printed circuit board. If a spring clip were out of tolerance, the OEM’s customer would find out first as opposed to on the OEM’s assembly line. Therefore, the OEM requires precise wire forming and packaging with near zero defects.

Master Spring Solution

Master Spring’s CNC wire forming machines with laser sensors monitor the multiple bends of these clips to ensure the two sides of the clip meet precise tolerances. Once formed, each spring clip is individually packed in a pre-labeled, heat-sealed bag that is ready to include in direct shipments.


Because of Master Spring’s precise wire forming and packaging solution, our OEM customer can easily include a labeled and bagged wire form spring clip with every heat sink they ship. They know their wire form will work every time the end user opens the bag and assembles the clip to the heat sink.

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Customer Success Story

A gaming and pinball manufacturer used a drop-target extension spring in its machines to release the game’s targets. Their extension spring had side loops on both ends to attach the spring to the target assembly. When engaged, the extension spring’s movement was distorted on one side, which eventually caused the spring to crack and shortened its life cycle.

Together We Achieved

  • A redesigned extension spring to increase the life cycle of the spring
  • Error-free assembly that leverages red dye for special loops

Customer Extension Spring Challenge

Our customer, a gaming and pinball manufacturer, used drop-target extension springs with side loops for their pinball machines. Although this spring design worked, it had a short life cycle. Our customer needed assistance designing a quality spring that would last.

Master Spring Solution

This extension spring showcases Master Spring’s design expertise and finishing capabilities. Upon seeing how one side loop experienced excess stress, our engineer recommended making one single side loop into a double loop at a 45-degree angle. This angle stopped the distorted movement and stress, and the double loop increased the spring’s strength. Additionally, to achieve an error-free assembly, Master Spring applied red dye to the 45-degree double looped end. The assembly operators could easily identify the angled loop and assemble it correctly.


By redesigning the loop on one side of the extension spring, Master Spring manufactured an extension spring with less distortion, less cracking and a longer life cycle. We achieved error-free assembly by dyeing one end of the spring red to help the assembler easily identify which looped end to install to the target assembly.

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