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Custom Wire Forms

Let us help you create the custom wire form you need, from S-hooks and J-hooks to utility hooks and more.


We work closely with customers across a wide range of industries, helping them design and manufacture made-to-order parts.

Master Spring Advantage

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Custom, Made-to-Order Torsion Springs

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Unique Torsion Springs for Many Applications

Master Spring custom manufactures complex, made-to-order torsion springs from round wire, including fastener magazine latch-release springs and trigger springs in nailing tools, flush handle springs in toilet trim products, recessed downlight torsion springs, flip-sign torsion springs in POP displays, hairpin spring clips on ammunition containers, and torsion springs in agriculture seed meters, seed tubes and planter row units.

Magazine Latch Dual Torsion Spring

Magazine Latch Dual Torsion Spring

Part Names: Magazine lock spring, magazine latch spring

Industry: Construction power tools

Application: Double torsion spring for magazine latch release on nailing gun

Material: 0.058” hard drawn bright wire

Special Features: Special packed 250 pieces per small box

fastener trigger spring

Fastener Trigger Spring

Part Names: Torsion spring, trigger spring

Industry: Construction power tools

Application: Torsion spring is used in the trigger assembly of a nailing tool

Material: 0.040” Type 302 stainless steel wire

Special Features: Bagged in quantities of 250 pieces to make assembly easy

Large double torsion spring

Coulter Double Torsion Spring

Part Names: Large double torsion spring, farming planter torsion spring

Industry: Hardware and fasteners: Agriculture planter products

Application: Double torsion spring applies force to the coulter in a nitrogen application system for a planter

Material: 0.192” phos music wire

Special Features: Magni-565-coated for corrosion protection

Downlight Torsion Springs

Downlight Torsion Springs

Part Names: LED downlight torsion spring, LED torsion spring, galvanized torsion spring

Industry: Commercial lighting or luminaires

Application: Torsion spring secures LED module to housing of downlight and wall wash luminaires

Material: Pre-plated galvanized music wire

Special Features: Assorted ends on long torsion legs; packed to prevent tangling during shipping

Stainless steel clips

Hairpin Spring Clip

Part Names: Stainless steel clips, ammunition container clips, torsion spring clips

Industry: Hardware and fasteners: Ammunition containers

Application: Hairpin spring clip keeps ammunition container closed

Material: 0.090” type 302 stainless steel wire

Special Features: Material certificate and Certificate of Compliance are sent with every shipment; finish is to remain dull

Stainless steel torsion spring

Flush Handle Spring

Part Names: Stainless steel torsion spring, toilet handle spring

Industry: Hardware and fasteners: Toilet trim products

Application: Torsion spring returns toilet flush handle to starting position

Material: 0.050” type 302 stainless steel wire

Special Features: Inspection report is sent with every shipment and minimum inventory quantity is maintained for immediate release

Recessed Downlight Torsion Springs

Recessed Downlight Torsion Spring

Part Names: Galvanized torsion spring, LED downlight torsion spring, LED torsion spring

Industry: Commercial lighting or luminaires

Application: Torsion spring secures LED module to housing of downlight and wall wash luminaires in retail, hospitality, and commercial spaces

Material: 0.048” pre-plated galvanized music wire

Special Features: Multiple, close bends at the end of each long torsion leg; bagged in small quantities to prevent tangling during shipping

3 Stainless steel torsion springs

Tilt Counterbalance Spring

Part Names: Stainless steel torsion spring, tilt counterbalance spring

Industry: Electronics

Application: Torsion spring used in a tilt counterbalance mechanism

Material: 0.135” type 302 stainless steel wire

Special Features: Vibratory tumbled to remove sharp edges at cut-off; passivated

Large double torsion spring

Seed Tube Retention Spring

Part Names: Large double torsion spring, stainless steel torsion spring, seed tube fastener spring

Industry: Hardware and fasteners: Agriculture planter equipment

Application: Double torsion spring fastens seed tube delivery system to planter row unit

Material: 0.162” type 302 stainless steel wire

Special Features: Large double torsion spring has many bends on both legs

Torsion spring pin assembly

Spring Pin Clip

Part Names: Torsion spring pin assembly, farming planter spring pin clip

Industry: Hardware and fasteners: Agriculture planter equipment

Application: Spring pin assembly fastens the seed tube to the planter

Material: 0.051” zinc pre-plated music wire

Special Features: Torsion springs are assembled with pins and packed four assemblies per heat sealed and labeled bag

artisan clothespin spring

Stainless Steel Clothespin Spring

Part Names: Stainless steel torsion spring, artisan clothespin spring

Industry: Hardware and fasteners: Artisan clothespins

Application: Torsion spring applies the strong gripping force in American-made artisan clothespins

Material: 0.062” type 302 stainless steel wire

Special Features: Torsion springs are passivated to remove contaminants and improve corrosion resistance

Stainless steel double torsion spring

Coupling Double Torsion Spring

Part Names: Stainless steel double torsion spring, snowplow torsion spring

Industry: Hardware and fasteners: Professional snowplow and ice removal equipment

Application: Double torsion spring is used in lock-pin coupling system for attaching a snowplow to a truck

Material: 0.093” type 302 stainless steel wire

Special Features: There is a long amount of wire between the two bodies of coils that includes two wraps of square coils in the center

Seed meter spring

Seed-meter Singulator Spring

Part Names: Seed meter spring, stainless steel torsion spring, seed meter torsion spring

Industry: Hardware and fasteners: Agriculture seed meters

Application: Torsion spring rides on the edge of a meter disk and knocks off extra seeds so only one seed is planted at a time

Material: 0.036” type 302 stainless steel wire

Special Features: Torsion springs are layer packed to minimize tangling during shipping

pre-galvanized torsion spring,

Flip-sign Torsion Spring

Part Names: Hinge spring, pre-galvanized torsion spring, LH-wound torsion spring

Industry: Hardware and fasteners: Point-of-purchase displays

Application: Torsion spring is used in a flip-up header LED sign in POP displays

Material: 0.057” pre-plated galvanized music wire

Special Features: Torsion spring is left-hand wound

vacuum hose clamp spring

Vacuum Hose Spring Clamp

Part Names: Clamp spring, torsion spring, vacuum hose clamp spring

Industry: Hardware and fasteners: Dust control systems for automotive, aerospace and industrial applications

Application: Spring clamp mount for holding flex-loc vacuum hose fixed in place

Material: 0.125” hard-drawn bright wire

Special Features: Bright chrome plate

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Custom Torsion Spring Capabilities

As an industry-leading torsion spring manufacturer, we are your one-stop source for precision, custom torsion springs, also known as torque springs or torsional springs. We manufacture custom torsion springs with a wide range of leg or end configurations, center configurations on double torsion springs, and wire sizes. Learn about our extensive torsion spring production services—from custom leg configurations to rapid prototyping, special packaging, assembly services and more.


Master Spring has the CNC machinery and toolmaking capability to automate the manufacturing of complex, single-body and double torsion springs with unique leg configurations and center configurations.

Three large, complex double torsion springs

Complex Torsion Springs

A variety of custom complex torsion spring types

Custom Complex Torsion Springs


Need help creating a new design or solving a problem with your existing torsion spring? Looking for help engineering a double torsion spring? Our engineers use a spring design software to review your torsion spring for functionality and manufacturability and to look for improvements and cost savings. We check if the torsion spring has too much stress in its deflection range and if the spring’s design meets your required tolerances. In addition, we determine if the estimated life cycle is greater than you need and if there are any other design warnings.

With over 75 years of custom torsion spring manufacturing experience, we solve the toughest challenges. Contact us if you need samples quickly or to setup a discussion with a knowledgeable engineer to review and advise on your design.

Learn More


Master Spring tailors torsion spring packaging to meet your unique assembly line and finished product needs. Our custom packaging solutions include tangle-free packing for efficient assembly operations, a pre-determined standard quantity per bag and individually bagged and labeled parts ready to ship to your customers.

Contact us today for more information about our custom torsion spring special packaging services.

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torsion springs rubber banded

Rubber Banded Torsion Springs

Tack board battery connector to prevent coil spring tangling

Tack Board Battery Connector

A small bag of custom coil springs with black finish

Small Bag of Custom Coil Springs

Helical springs strung on wire loops to prevent tangling

Helical Springs Strung on Wire Loops

Custom wire forms zip tied in bundles

Zip Tied Wire Forms

Wire clips nested in two labelled cardboard boxes

Nestled Wire Form Clips

Multiple springs layer-packed to minimize tangling

Multiple Springs Layer-packed

An individually bagged and labelled custom spring clip

Individually Bagged Spring Clips


Let Master Spring’s torsion spring assembly services lower your production costs by reducing the components you need to purchase and inventory. We can assemble your custom torsion spring with its mating part and send the sub-assembly to you.

Contact us today to get started with our custom torsion spring assembly services.

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Small torsion spring pin clips for agriculture seed planters

Small Torsion Spring Pin Clips

Double torsion spring for nailing tool

Double Torsion Spring

Small torsion spring for pulse oximeter

Pulse Oximeter Torsion Spring

Two wire forms assembled together to create a wire spring latch

Wire Spring Latch

Oval loop assembled to a custom extension spring

Oval Loop Assembled to Extension Spring

Milk Frother

Heat shrink with a black rubber sleeve on a retainer spring

Rubber Sleeve on Retainer Spring

Ball chains assembled to a wire form

Ball Chains Assembled to Wire Form

A trotline clip with a brass swivel hook

Trot Line Clip

Copper clasp assembled to a custom wire form to create a pull pin

Copper Clasp Assembled Pull Pin

Torsion spring assembled to a plastic molded trigger

Torsion Spring Assembled to Molded Trigger


As your trusted torsion spring manufacturer, Master Spring’s experience and quality process provide the documentation you require for your custom torsion springs.

We have experience providing a Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) to our customers. After receiving our PPAP report, you can assess our process stability, review our controls to provide conforming product and have an approval outlet for any torsion spring design changes.

We create a First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) for each production run. The FAIR indicates the nominal dimensions, tolerances, precise measurements and methods of measurement for a requested quantity. Each FAIR provides a record of the raw material heat number to provide traceability to the batch of wire used for each production run.

Upon request, we can include certificates of compliance, material certificates and finishing certifications with each shipment of torsion springs.

Strict vendor management and lot control enable us to comply with regulatory compliances, including Conflict Minerals, DFARS, REACH, RoHS or California Prop 65. Let us know your documentation, certificate and compliance requirements when you request a quote.


Center torsion spring made with stainless steel wire
Center torsion spring made with 0.012” type 302 stainless steel wire
Double Torsion Spring Made with Music Coated Wire
Double torsion spring made with 0.192” phosphate-coated music wire

Our CNC torsion machines form a wide range of wire sizes—giving us the ability to produce small torsion springs as well as torsion springs in larger sizes. With full CNC control of all axes, our machines can manufacture precise, custom torsion springs with wire diameters as small as 0.012” or as large as 0.250” (0.30mm to 6.35mm), and any size in between.

As a long-time, reliable torsion spring manufacturer, we have invested in a large inventory of torsion spring tooling to cover the wire diameter range for each torsion forming machine.

If your torsion spring requires custom tooling, our in-house tooling design and machining capability supplies custom tools quickly and economically.


Master Spring maintains strong relationships with local, qualified wire distributors and mills that offer quality wire to meet your specifications. We have years of experience making custom torsion springs from many different material types:

High-carbon Spring Steel Wire : Hard-drawn wire, music wire and oil-tempered

Stainless Steel Wire: 302, 304, 316 and 17-7 PH

Non-ferrous Alloy Wire: Phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, brass, Monel

High-temperature Alloy: Inconel

Special Purpose Alloy: Elgiloy, MP35N, Hastelloy C276

Non-ferrous Metal: Copper, Tinned Copper (Buss), Aluminum, Nickel

*Some of the carbon wire types can be pre-plated with a galvanized, zinc-coated finish, a tin-coated finish or Bezinal®-coated finish.

Properties of Materials Guide

Looking for information about common materials used in torsion springs? Explore our guide to learn about nominal chemistry, minimum tensile strength, maximum operating temperatures, Rockwell hardness and suitable uses for each material.

Explore the Guide


To complete your custom torsion springs, we offer an extensive variety of finishing types. We manage a strong network of local, qualified vendors who offer quality finishes, short lead times and competitive pricing. Learn more about our finishing services below.

Wire forms on a conveyor belt receiving in-line stress relief

In-house Stress Relief

We use in-line ovens at each torsion forming machine to apply low-temperature stress relief. This process alleviates residual stresses produced by prior cold forming and improves the torsion spring’s shape memory to maintain its coiled shape.

Five compression springs with shot peen finishing

Shot Peen

Shot peening improves resistance to fatigue, prevents cracking and increases lifecycle. The shot peening process blasts the surface of the wire with steel or glass pellets to create deformations. Our local, qualified vendors specialize in quality shot peening and surface preparation.

Three torsion springs that received tumble deburr treatment


Tumbling improves surface finish by removing unwanted sharp edges and burrs from standard machine cuts.

Six wire forms with black oxide plating


Our large network of qualified platers provides a wide range of plating finishes such as black oxide, zinc, nickel, tin, trivalent chromate and many more finishes in a variety of colors.

Coil springs and wire forms with powder coat finishing

Powder Coat

Numerous powder coat colors are available for torsion springs.

Coil springs with passivate finishing in before and after stages


An acid treatment for stainless steel, passivation removes contaminants and improves corrosion resistance. We recommend passivating stainless steel torsion springs used in the medical and food industries.

Custom springs with electropolish finishing in before and after stages


Electropolish brightens, removes burrs and passivates. For best results, use it on 300-series stainless steel types.

Coil spring types with in-house dye and paint finishes

In-house Dye or Paint

Color coding helps identify and distinguish similar parts in your assembly line. We use an environmentally safe, water-based polymer coating. This coating adheres to the torsion spring in-line immediately after oven stress-relief.

Two custom coil springs with e-coat finishing in black


E-coat is an electrically applied paint coating that is used as a decorative or protective finish. It enhances appearance while also protecting the surface of torsion springs.

Custom wire forms with Magni 525 coat finishing in before and after stages

Magni Coat

Magni coat is a thin, paintable coat that provides exceptional corrosion protection in extreme environments. It is superior to zinc-plating.

Two wire forms with black plastic coating, called plastisol

Plastic Coat

We can add a plastic coating to your torsion springs in a variety of available colors.

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Custom Torsion Spring for the Construction Power Tool Industry

See how our engineers recommended improving the design to a magazine latch-release double torsion spring in a nailing gun to help it stay in place once installed without increasing its cost or changing the plastic-molded mating part.

Master Spring Advantage

By combining expert engineering assistance, forming machines that allow easy control and a wide range of tool motion, in-line monitoring and the latest design software tools, we make it possible to manufacture custom, single-body and double torsion springs.

Learn More About Us


  • Engineering assistance to overcome torsion spring design obstacles and offer you a solution
  • Skilled machine setup technicians who can meet your custom torsion spring dimensions
  • In-house, experienced toolmakers who design and manufacture custom tools to form your unique torsion legs
  • Custom-tailored packaging, assembly and finishing services


  • All-servo, high-speed CNC forming machines that allow easy control and wide range of tool motion to form complex torsion spring geometries
  • Laser sensors and touch probes to automatically monitor and control torsion leg angles in-line
  • Ability to nearly double production rate, increase tool motion, and form more complex parts by coiling and forming the second half of double torsion springs while simultaneously forming the first half of the next spring
  • CNC milling machines to custom manufacture torsion spring bending tools
  • Keyence instant measurement equipment that inspects multiple parts and torsion spring dimensions within seconds, reduces inspection time and saves hourly monitoring data


  • JobBOSS ERP software to integrate quoting, job routing, purchase orders, shipping and invoicing
  • Spring Manufacturers Institute’s Advanced Spring Design Software to review your torsion spring’s design and recommend improvements
  • SOLIDWORKS CAD software for a collaborative design process
  • MasterCAM software to design and manufacture tools for forming custom torsion legs
  • Dozuki video software to document and standardize work instructions for repeat setups
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