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Springs and Wire Forms for Spraying & Pump Equipment Manufacturers

We have earned our customers' trust to manufacture their custom springs and wire forms for spray nozzles, injectors, pumps and more.


Proven Custom Spring and Wire Form Solutions…


…for sprayers, injectors, sump pumps & more

From commercial spray nozzles to sump pumps, Master Spring has been serving the spring and wire form needs of the spraying equipment and pump industries for many years. If you are an OEM looking for a world-class supplier to meet your exacting requirements, we have the know-how and machinery to manufacture the difficult or “impossible to make” springs and wire forms.

Contact us today to learn more about our custom solutions for spraying equipment and pump industries.


Springs and Wire Forms for Spraying & Pump Equipment Manufacturers


Made-to-Order Spraying & Pump Equipment Wire Form Solutions


Find proven spring and wire forms solutions for:

Industrial Spray Nozzles
Spray Injectors
Commercial Turf Rotors (Lawn Sprinklers)
Sump Pumps
Spraying Equipment
Drain Pump Systems
And More!


Custom Springs and Wire Forms for Spray Nozzles, Injectors, and Pumps

At Master Spring, we try to find ways to improve the process of making each OEM’s parts as we manufacture them year after year.  We also work closely with customers’ engineers on their product design improvements that involve a spring or wire form.  We manufacture the following types of components for OEMs of spraying equipment and pumps:

  • Custom Wire Forms: including any shape formed from round wire with a diameter from .010” to .500”.
  • Compression Springs: including straight cylindrical, conical, barrel and hourglass shaped as well as ground and not ground ends.
  • Extension Springs: including all types of ends, loops, or hooks such as side-loops, center loops, German hooks, and extended hooks.
  • Torsion Springs: including single body torsion and double torsion custom springs with varying leg configurations.



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