Get unique, complex parts easily. No matter your requirements, Master Spring creates hard-to-produce coil springs and wire forms.

Custom Wire Forms

Let us help you create the custom wire form you need, from S-hooks and J-hooks to utility hooks and more.


We work closely with customers across a wide range of industries, helping them design and manufacture made-to-order parts.

Master Spring Advantage

Why choose Master Spring? We prioritize customer-focused collaboration, modern equipment and the latest technology to make your parts per print.

Master Spring Advantage

Customers who partner with us benefit from our innovative machine setups, efficient toolmaking and attention to detail.

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Who We Are

Master Spring is an American contract manufacturer of wire forms and springs. We make your wire forms and springs per print for you.

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Our Customers

We sell our products to other businesses—mostly manufacturers. Our customer base spans a wide variety of industries. Learn more about the industries we serve.

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Our Niche

We competitively manufacture wire forms and springs that are complex due to a combination of geometry, special features (threaded, chamfered, pressed), finish or packaging. Visit our product pages to see our detailed capabilities.

Our Strategy

By continually strengthening our three core values, we serve manufacturers that require custom wire forms or springs. Our customer-focused employees have the skills to utilize modern machinery and supporting technology. We purchase the best and latest equipment that allows us to form and coil complicated wire forms and springs with no or minimal labor after the machine is set up. Robust software (ERP, CAD, CAM and work instruction) helps increase our efficiency, quality and service.

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  • Engineering assistance to overcome compression spring design obstacles and offer you a solution
  • Skilled machine setup technicians who can meet your unique compression spring dimensions
  • In-house, experienced tool makers who design and manufacture custom tools, grinding block fixtures and gauges
  • Custom-tailored packaging, assembly and finishing services


  • Extensive tool movement flexibility and control to form or coil complex part geometries on our multi-axis, all-servo CNC wire forming and coiling machines
  • Automatically monitor dimensions in-line with laser sensors, touch probes and cameras
  • Custom manufacture tooling and gauges on our CNC milling machines
  • Robotic-fed machining units and presses to turn down wire diameter, chamfer, thread, mill, swage, flatten and pierce wire forms
  • Keyence instant measurement equipment that inspects multiple parts and dimensions within seconds
  • 3D compression spring inspection equipment that instantly measures wire diameter, free length, outside diameter, parallelism and perpendicularity


  • JobBOSS ERP software to integrate quoting, job routing, purchase orders, shipping and invoicing
  • SOLIDWORKS CAD software for a collaborative design process
  • MasterCAM software to design and manufacture tooling and gauges
  • Dozuki video software to document and standardize work instructions for repeat setups

Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles are at the forefront of what we do. Through the decisions we make and the actions we take, we work to build a culture based on the following principles.


We work together to achieve excellence. We do this by treating others as we want to be treated, showing respect and being honest and fair. We empower and encourage each other. We are accountable to the team by making the next person’s job in the process easier and helping each other perform well.

Focus on the Customer

We work as if the customer is next to us. We complete our job the way the customer wants it to be done. We do things right and in a professional manner. We build strong partnerships with our customers and provide a positive experience with every interaction.

Continuous Improvement

We strive to improve our skills and processes to better serve our customers. We set high standards for ourselves.

Develop Repeatable Standards

Once we determine the best process, we standardize it. We document standards and train team members to perform consistently every time. With each order they place, our customers should receive the same product and service according to our standards.

Jeff Burda, President

Jeff Burda, President

40+ years of experience manufacturing custom wire forms and springs

In his teens, Jeff started working alongside his father at Master Spring. He made deliveries, picked up wire from suppliers and worked kick-presses. He learned from his dad how to design and make forming tools and set-up machines. As president of Master Spring, he continues to work closely with customers to develop quotes, identify problems and suggest improvements. Jeff enjoys the challenge of solving spring and wire form design issues.

Jeff spends his free time with his wife, his three children and his grandchildren. He is passionate about hockey and is a loyal Chicago Blackhawks fan.

Steve Skolozynski, General Manager, Master Spring

Steve Skolozynski, General Manager

30+ years of manufacturing and finance leadership

Steve Skolozynski joined Master Spring’s team in December 1997 and is responsible for the long-term profitability of Master Spring. He works to define and implement Master Spring’s strategic vision and direction for continuous improvement and future growth.

Steve graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a B.A. in Finance (class of ’87) and an MBA from Northwestern University (class of ’96). Prior to joining Master Spring, Steve worked as a financial analyst for a personal financial planning firm for high-end wealth individuals and for the Chicago Tribune in their corporate financial planning and analysis department.

Steve enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, walking the family dog Dude and hiking America’s national parks.

Sherry Anton, Chief Quality Management Officer

Sherry Anton, Chief Quality Management Officer

35+ years of experience in wire form and spring quality management

Sherry is responsible for the development, implementation and continuous improvement of Master Spring’s quality and compliance programs. Her commitment to quality is evident in every step of the manufacturing process—from production operations to inspection procedures.

Sherry joined Master Spring in 1986. She graduated from Dominican University with a B.A. in English Literature and obtained certification in Quality, ISO 9000, Lean Manufacturing and Internal Auditing from Triton College and the Chicago Manufacturing Center. She partnered with the University of Wisconsin at Madison’s Center for Quick Response Manufacturing to implement lead time reduction principles.

Sherry loves spending time with animals and making life better for her family. Her caring nature is evident in every interaction.

Master Spring History

Emil Burda, Founder, Master SpringEmil Burda founded Master Spring & Wire Form Co. in 1945. As a foreman and setup man at a large spring manufacturing plant, he was unhappy with the unresponsiveness to customer requests. He saw an opportunity. With help from his father who worked at a foundry, Emil made a coiling machine and launched his company.

Emil liked to say, “We can make the possible wire forms quickly. The impossible ones might take a little longer.” He took great pride in Master Spring’s ability to solve tough spring and wire form problems that larger companies chose not to quote.

As Master Spring grew its reputation for attentive service and problem solving, the company became a natural choice for the local pinball and gaming industry. The turn-around time from design to assembly line was a few weeks. Sometimes, workers discovered playfield design problems as the game moved down the assembly line. Master Spring evaluated the problem at the customer’s site, returned to the factory to make the revised parts and delivered them the same day. This kind of problem-solving and fast response became a way of doing business. Decades of service combined with today’s best technology yields the recipe for a growing, successful company.

By purchasing one or two new machines each year, Master Spring continuously invests in expanding its wire form and spring manufacturing capabilities. The latest equipment allows us to make virtually any spring or wire form out of round wire without the need for secondary operations. It also allows us to shorten machine set-up times, increase production rate times and monitor runs in-line. In addition to capital improvements, we implement process improvements by using lean manufacturing principles. We are financially solid and growing, and we continue to invest to compete and serve our customers for the long term.

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