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Who Says Springs aren’t Glamorous?

Happy Spring!  Spring is my favorite season not just because of the double entendre. It’s a season about renewal, fresh starts, new perspectives, open windows, and more sunshine.

Speaking of spring, (nice segue) I love it when I discover actual springs when I’m not working.  It’s kind of a game my family and I play.  If you spot a spring you have to call it out before the other person.  Kind of like the Volkswagen Punch Bug game without the hitting.

maybellineFor example, I was watching television and all of a sudden I spot a nice compression spring  during a Maybelline makeup commercial.  Okay, call me a nerd but how cool is it that Christy Turlington is compressing a spring.  Let’s face it, manufacturing is not that glamorous so I was thrilled to see a spring featured in a beauty ad.  The commercial  plays on the fact that spring has lift or resilience just like your skin if you use Maybelline foundation.  (I love her spring ring too.  I may have to coil some of those for myself.)

So, if you see any springs or wire forms out there in the world, point them out.  In fact, send us your finds and maybe we’ll post them or pin them.  Spring is here.  You never know what you’re going to see.

As a special added treat, here is a link to an old jazz song called “They Say it’s Spring” by Blossom Dearie.  Great lyric, great time of the year.

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