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Learn about Master….Faster: Meet Customer Service Pro Lory

Meet some of the hardworking men and women who have helped us become your go to source for custom made springs and wire forms:

loryName: Lory

Role:  Customer Service

Years at Master Spring:  Nine 

Family:  Known Jeff since 1st grade & married for 29, 3 very grown up kids; Carly, Michael & Paul John

Prized possession:  My children 

Cubs or Sox:  Cubs

Cats or Dogs:  Dogs 

Quickly, name 5 things that contain springs or wire forms:  Pinball machines, lava lamps, bicycle seats, trampolines, slot machines

Give me one cool fact about spring making or wire forming:  I couldn’t be typing this without every spring under each letter on this keyboard

What do you like about your job at Master Spring?  Working alongside family – there’s nothing like it 

I stay home to watch:  Blackhawk games

Favorite snack:  Chicken fingers

Favorite song:  More Today than Yesterday by Spiral Staircase

Describe yourself in three words:  mom, chef, baker

Finish this sentence: If it wasn’t for springs ….   I’d own my own restaurant

Best advice you ever received:  Always leave some work for tomorrow

Describe your ideal customer:  People in the same business as us – they get it

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