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How are they Made: Compression Springs in Action

While springs come in a number of shapes and sizes, the image most people conjure up when they think of one is that of a compression spring.

And why is that? It probably has something to do with the array of applications that use compression springs. In fact, these handy little displays of mechanical engineering, capable of storing large amounts of energy, are so diverse you will probably come across hundreds of them as you go about your daily routine. From filtrations systems and engine valves to pogo sticks and shock absorbers, compression springs can be found everywhere.

In fact, at Master Spring, we manufacture compression springs for a wide variety of uses, ranging in wire diameter of .006” to .276”. Check out the video below to see footage of how a compression spring is made. The process is so smooth and fluid, you may find yourself asking, “How do they do that?”


If you want more unique footage on how springs are made, we invite you to visit our Spring Video Gallery.

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