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Spring Manufacturing: How Do They That?

If you’re like my husband, you watch a lot of “how to” shows.  Whether it’s landscaping, flipping houses, home repairs, cooking or even rescuing bars, there’s a program showing viewers how to do everything.

Initially I thought these shows exist because people want to repair and create stuff on their own.  However, after living with my husband for nearly 2 decades without a replica of Stonehenge in our yard, waterfall feature, or even pond I now think that people simply like to watch how stuff is made.

And so we watch the show aptly titled “How it’s Made.”  In this show, viewers watch how everything from hot dogs to Legos is made.  Well imagine how excited I was when the topic was SPRINGS!

Here is a link to that show. I thought the show was pretty good even though technically I didn’t need to watch it because I happen to know “how springs are made.”

Watch it.  It’s cool in a “oh that’s how they do it” sort of way.

If you would like more unique footage on “how springs are made,” we invite you to visit our Spring Video Gallery.

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