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Putting a ‘Spring’ in Your Step with a Compression Spring

Recently, I wrote about how my family and I like to play a game in which we each try to spot  springs in unusual places (e.g. in an ad for Maybelline Cosmetics).  This is not only a fun way to pass the time, but it also serves to reinforce  the idea that springs can be found just about anywhere.

spring into step So imagine my excitement when I stumbled across another great example of a spring being used in an unusual place – this time in an advertisement for shoes. Not only does this ad do a fantastic job of displaying the kinetic energy storing power of a compression spring, but it also highlights a missed business opportunity.

Do you know how many times I stepped on a spring or had some wire sticking out of the bottom of my shoe? Little did I realize that each occurrence was a revolutionary shoe design just waiting to be uncovered.

So let this serve as a warning to you: Pay special attention to any springs you may stumble across (quite literally). This may be a revolutionary new concept just waiting to be discovered.

And remember, if you see any springs or wire forms out there in the world, we want to hear about them.  In fact, send us your finds and we might just feature them in one of our next posts.

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