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Toys with Spring: Help With Last Minute Shopping

Whether you are searching for a last minute holiday gift or simply hoping to take a walk down memory lane, this list of popular toys with springs should bring a smile to your face:


  • Jack-in-the-box:
    Did you know that (according to legend) the very first Jack-in-the-Box was actually called a “Devil-in-the-Box?” As the story goes, in the 16th century, a German clock maker, commissioned to craft a gift for a young German prince, decided to make the toy’s name more child friendly.
  • Mouse Trap (The Game):
    Since the mid-70s, Mouse Trap, the board game, has been teaching children about the power of cause and effect. But did you know, without the power of a tension spring the ball would never have “hit the pole, and knocked the ball in the rub-a-dub tub, which flips the man into the pan?” And thus, those pesky mice would never have been trapped.
  • Hungry Hungry Hippos:
    Remaining with the board game theme: Where would we be without the help of the tension spring? Well for one, the world would have a lot of hungry (and undoubtedly cranky) hippos walking around.
  • View-Master:
    Amazingly, the View-Master has been one children’s toy that has transcended generations. Even today, in an era of 3D technology and advanced gaming systems, the View-Master continues to inspire and delight children of all ages.
  • Toy Cash Register:
    Through the years, the design, shape and capabilities of the toy cash register have changed dramatically. However, regardless of whether they are made of tin, plastic or some new form of space-age polymer, one thing has remained a constant: Just about every toy cash register has been powered by springs.
  • Vintage Tin Toys:
    From racecars and motorcycles to blimps and robots, tin toys used to appear at the top of every child’s holiday gift list. Before battery operated technology, these intricately designed toys relied on springs to achieve movement.
  • The Spring Rocking Horse:
    For younger children, the spring loaded rocking horse makes a great gift. Powered by both the spring and the imagination, these toys have the ability to transport you to lands not yet discovered.
  • Portable Pinball Machine:
    While an actual pinball machine may be too large to stuff down your chimney, portable pinball machines make great gifts. And, just like their life-size counterparts, miniaturized pinball machines rely on the power of the compression spring.

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