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How Are They Made: Wire Forms in Lure Manufacturing

What is the first thing you notice when you see a fishing lure? You probably notice the intricate design, the detailed coloring, the size, or maybe the hook. These little details all play a major role in ensuring that the lure you are using is the right match for the type of fish you are hoping to attract.

However, here at Master Spring, our focus tends to be a little different. Having served the direct wire form needs of fishing tackle and lure manufacturers for the last 60 years, we tend to notice the parts that often get overlooked.

fishing-lure For example, take a look at this simple picture of a lure. The underside of the lure has a number of little wire form loops. While most people probably won’t even notice them, all of those loops are responsible for ensuring that each hook stays attached to the rest of the lure. Without them, the lure would just be a piece of molded plastic floating in the water.

Of course, that is just one example. Manufacturing a fishing lure can require any number of different types of wire forms. From spinner forms and leader wires to the wire forms that serve as a foundational base of the lure’s molded body, there are probably just as many different styles of wire forms as there are fishing lures.

In short, think about the wire form in your fishing lure as you would the foundation of your home. When that foundation is made to exacting specifications, you can go years without even noticing that it is there.

The same is true for the fishing lure. When the wire form is manufactured to the specifications the lure needs, you will never even notice it is there.

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