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About Master Spring & Wire Form

We can make the possible custom wire forms quickly; the “impossible” ones take us a little longer. For design questions on your custom wire forms or to obtain a quote, contact us.

Long Term Partner to OEMs as Their World Class Wire Form Manufacturer

Located in the Chicago area, Master Spring & Wire Form Co. is a premier custom spring and wire form manufacturer. With a commitment to customer service you will only find in the Midwest, we proudly solve the tough design challenges for OEMs located throughout the United States and beyond.

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Who We Are

We are experts at manufacturing springs and wire forms from coils of round wire. We have the know-how and machinery to manufacture the difficult or “impossible to make” springs and wire forms. We use this expertise to help solve our customers’ spring manufacturing or wire form problems and to make design improvements.

We provide personal, responsive service to our customers. Whether it is moving up a delivery date or answering an engineering question, we try to respond quickly and meet the customer’s request. Easy, fast and clear communication makes designing, problem-solving, and ordering custom components less painful. We try to avoid having you talk to voicemail.

We want our customers to know that we value long term partnerships, and we want to help them succeed. For example, a customer sent a truck to pick up their parts that they needed the next day, but the freight company mistakenly shipped them to another location. We delivered another batch with our own truck so the customer would receive the parts on time. Manufacturing of custom wire forms and top notch customer service is our commitment to you.

What We Do

We manufacture custom wire forms and springs to OEMs. Most of our business comes from OEMs that order a minimum of $10,000 per year of springs and wire forms. We have customers with order high volumes (millions) per year. We also have customers who order low quantities (500) per part number, but many orders per year. Our OEM customers require that their components be per print (near zero defects) and on time in order to keep their production lines running.


How We Do It?

We work on continuing to improve our business to meet customers’ needs.

Using the latest machinery decreases set-up times, increases production rates, improves quality and can remove secondary operations. This means we can offer great quality parts that are on-time at a globally competitive cost. We use state-of-the-art machinery through each step of the process, including primary production equipment (CNC coilers and wire formers), secondary equipment (table grinders and in-line ovens), tool making equipment (CNC mills), and inspection equipment (digital video measuring machines and force testers).

We hire employees that care about their work and our customers. We use apprenticeships to pass knowledge from our seasoned employees to our newer ones. Our employees take continuing education classes to expand and sharpen their skills. We have developed a culture where employees are comfortable to offer ideas to improve, to work together as a team, and to share their knowledge with each other.

Using best practices helps us to improve quality, reduce waiting time within and between processes and reduce costs.

Why We Do It

We have a passion for wire form and spring manufacturing. We hire and retain employees that share this passion. We get excited about finding better ways to meet our customers’ requirements. This passion drives us to improve so we keep our current customers happy and continue to attract new ones.

Quality Commitment

We are ISO 9001 registered. Our quality policy is to continuously improve our processes to make purchasing custom springs and wire forms as easy and fast as possible for the customer. Our customers want fast quotes, quick order acknowledgments, speedy answers to their questions and delivery date changes in addition to good parts delivered on time. We look at improving the entire purchasing experience for our customers.

A Wire Forming Success Story

Custom Spring Clips for Electronics

An integral part to the functioning of the OEM’s heat sink, this wire form is a great example of how highly repeatable production and inspection processes result in near zero defects.


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