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Torsion Springs for the Commercial Lighting Industry

Master Spring worked with a lighting OEM to create double torsion springs that worked for the fit, form, feel and function requirements of the manufacturer.

Custom Torsion Springs for Commercial Lighting Industry

Provided rapid prototype service as part of a production order

At Master Spring and Wire Form, we take great pride in working with OEM engineers to improve their products by improving their spring and wire form components – and we think that this double torsion spring for commercial lighting is a great example of that expertise.

Manufactured to meet exacting fit, feel and function requirements, this double torsion spring is used in a patent pending commercial lighting fixture. This commercial fixture allows for LED retrofit of downlights to be installed without tools from below the ceiling.

commercial lighting

The Challenge:

The customer had their product design finalized except for the spring. They had a blue print for the initial spring design, but they knew it would require tweaks for fit, feel and function. They asked if we could make prototypes in one week based on their initial blue print.

One week later, their chief engineer flew onsite with his new lighting product, minus the spring. The goal was to quickly test the initial spring design and then collaborate to improve it.

The Process:

  • Engineering Design Advice
  • Rapid Prototyping as part of a production order
  • CNC Wire Forming
  • In-line Oven Stress Relieving

Designing and Manufacturing the Double Torsion Spring

In preparation for the chief engineer’s arrival, we made samples of their initial torsion spring design and had our state-of-the-art wire forming machine ready to make changes. The chief engineer arrived and tested his first spring design in his product. He then asked for spring design changes to fine-tune the fit, feel and function within his product. Our skilled machine technician was quickly able to program the design changes so the engineer could test the new spring while he waited.

After a few cycles of test, design change and prototyping, we completed and validated the final spring design within three hours of the engineer’s arrival. As the engineer left to catch his flight home, we began running his first production order of 20,000 pieces.

The Result:

The final spring design perfectly matched the fit, feel and function the customer needed. Their new product is having great success, and sales are expected to increase significantly.


Torsion Spring Specs:



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Our single & double helical torsion springs manufactured to your print. Master Spring and Wire Form has been manufacturing custom torsion springs for a variety of applications for over 70 years.

We specialize in supplying OEMs their requirements of medium to high quantities of springs and wire forms. Browse our gallery of torsion springs or visit the custom torsion spring product page to learn about our capabilities.

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Master Spring’s Torsion Springs Offerings

We can create custom torsion springs to your design needs. Our team has been manufacturing springs and wire forms since 1945 and are eager to help. To learn a little more about our torsion spring capabilities, please visit our torsion spring main page.


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