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Compression Springs for the Automotive Manufacturing Industry

Learn how Master Spring was able to manufacture a compression spring to support the thin walls of an automotive hose.

Custom Compression Springs with Closed and Ground Ends for Automotive Manufacturing

Strong process control results in many years of no problems for automotive customer

This compression spring, used in an automotive transmission hose, is another great example of our spring coiling and grinding expertise. Through our advanced CNC coiling technology and successful process control, we are able to meet the application’s exacting tolerances.

We manufacture and deliver 200,000 springs approximately every two weeks as part of this manufacturing customer’s Just In Time (JIT) delivery requirement.


The Challenge:

The compression spring supports the thin walls of an automotive transmission hose. The spring’s tolerances are tight so that the spring fits in the center of the rubber mold. If the free length of the spring or outside diameter of any coil in the spring is out of tolerance, the spring will protrude the rubber wall. The ends of the spring are ground square so that the hose has a flat, square surface. The springs are zinc phosphate coated so that the rubber adheres to the springs. We must manufacture and deliver on time millions of these springs each year and not have 1 bad spring.

The Process:

  • CNC Spring Coiling with In–Line Inspection Camera and Sorter
  • In–Line Oven Stress Relieving
  • Grinding the Ends Flat & Square
  • Zinc Phosphate Plating Finish
  • Special Packaging — Packed in a plastic lined box to prevent contamination of finish

Designing and Manufacturing the Compression Spring

We use advanced CNC coiling machines with in-line digital inspection cameras and sorters. These machines are incredibly fast and accurate. The camera and sorter inspect 100% of the parts without any time or labor added to the process. After each spring is coiled, inspected and sorted, it falls into a conveyor oven for even and accurate stress relieving. The springs are then loaded into our CNC spring grinder where the ends are ground square. We monitor the free length and squareness during the grinding process. We send the springs out to an approved vendor for zinc phosphate plating. We inspect the parts after plating and package them in a standard quantity per plastic lined box. Every shipment can be traced back to its material heat number.

The Result:

The combination of our high-technology equipment, strong process control, and skilled employees that care allow us to reliably deliver 6,000,000 springs per year without problems.


Compression Spring Specs:



Compression Springs Image Gallery


We specialize in supplying OEMs their requirements of medium to high quantities of springs and wire forms. If you are having problems with your current supplier of custom compression springs, and need someone who is reliable, credible, and willing to work for your specific needs, contact Master Spring and Wire Form. Our standard lead time for most compression springs is 1 to 2 weeks.

Learn more about the compression springs we’ve created for our clients and our capabilities by browsing the gallery or visiting the custom compression spring product page.

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Custom Compression Springs from Master Spring

An experienced, talented and passionate team of spring manufacturers and engineers, Master Spring has been creating and designing compression springs since 1945. To learn a little more about our capabilities, experience, and expertise, please visit our compression spring main page.


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