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Extension Springs for the Outdoor Power Equipment Industry

Find out how Master Spring creates custom extension springs for an outdoor power equipment manufacturer

Extension Spring for Outdoor Power Equipment

Suggested design change to increase spring’s cycles and cut customer’s costs

Designed for use in commercial landscaping equipment, this extension spring is an excellent example of how we can improve an OEM’s product while saving them money. The design for this spring is a bit unusual, as it calls for loops that are larger than the outside diameter of the spring’s body.

Prior to consulting with Master Spring, the customer had problems with the spring cracking. They were installing a second spring during product assembly to act as a backup if the first one cracked.


The Design Process

The new customer asked if we could redesign their extension spring to eliminate cracking.

In order to understand the spring’s space constraints and the assembly process, we visited the customer’s assembly line. We watched how the assembly line worker installed the extension springs. We listened to the product engineer’s details about the spring cracking.

The Process:

  • Engineering Analysis and Design (Visit assembly line and product engineer)
  • Rapid Prototyping as part of production order
  • CNC Spring Coiling & In–Line Looping
  • In–Line Oven Stress Relieving

Designing and Manufacturing the Extension Spring

Master Spring collaborated with the customer’s assembly line worker and product engineer to figure out how to easily assemble the spring. We used the product engineer’s input and our spring design software to design a spring with less stress and a longer cycle life. We manufactured 20 prototypes of the new design. Our advanced CNC wire forming equipment seamlessly coils and loops the spring. A touch probe keeps the loops positioned correctly with each other.

The customer’s assembly line worker tested installing them, and the customer’s product engineer ran them through a cycle test.

The Result:

The spring cracking was eliminated which improved the customer’s product. The customer no longer needed a second spring as a backup. This eliminated the cost of the second spring per product unit and of installing it. The new design was also easier to install, so the assembler saved assembly time per spring. After the new design was tested and approved, the OEM customer placed a repeating annual blanket order of 55,000 extension springs.

Extension Spring Specs:


Extension Springs Image Gallery

At Master Spring and Wire Form, we have the capability to design and manufacture a wide variety of extension springs. We specialize in supplying OEMs their requirements of medium to high quantities of springs and wire forms. Browse our gallery of custom extension springs or review our extension springs product page to learn about our capabilities.

Contact us if you need a custom extension spring for your application at (800) 836-2243.

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Master Spring’s Extension Springs Offerings

We can create custom extension springs to your design needs. Our team has been manufacturing springs and wire forms since 1945 and are eager to help. To learn a little more about our extension spring capabilities, please visit our extension spring main page.


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