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Threaded Belt Hooks for the Power Hand Tools Industry

When asked to compete globally and showcase our automated capabilities, Master Spring outclassed the competition with a custom belt hook.

Custom Threaded Wire Forms Capabilities

Automate multiple operations to compete globally on cost and quality

This wire form for the power hand tool industry displays our ability to compete with global suppliers by offering world class quality and by automating production.

The wire form is designed to swivel out from the tool to hang the tool on a work belt or on a rafter. The power hand tool is a premium brand that is sold mostly to the professional carpenter. The wire form must function smoothly, perform ruggedly, and look aesthetically professional. The OEM manufactures different types of power hand tools and so requires a number of different threaded wire forms.


The Challenge:

This wire form appears simple at first glance, but it requires many operations to manufacture it. One end of the wire is machined to a smaller diameter so that the final diameter after thread rolling is the same as the original wire diameter. Also, the sharp ends are broken or chamfered. The middle of the wire form is swaged to form teeth that can grip into a wooden rafter.

There are multiple bends, including an offset bend to both sides of a loop as well as a bend of the end that butts against the other side. Long story short, the bending is a complicated operation, but our top-notch CNC wire-bending machinery and engineers can handle it.

The Process:

  • In-Line Machining, Chamfering and Roll–Threading
  • CNC Wire Forming
  • Pressing to create mirrored offset bends to both sides of loop
  • Heat Treat to 40 — 45 HRC
  • Electroless Nickel Plate
  • Nylon Thread–Lock Patch applied to thread
  • Packaging — 250 parts per box

Designing and Manufacturing the Threaded Wire Form:

In order to compete against this customer’s overseas component suppliers, we have to remove as much labor from the production process as possible and offer world class quality. We automated many of the operations into one continuous production line. As the wire is uncoiled and straightened, it travels through multiple operations as it heads toward the bending tools.

First it passes through the press swage tool to form the teeth. It then travels to a 3-head machining unit where the end is cut to a smaller wire diameter, chamfered, and then thread rolled. The wire then meets the bending tools to form the bends. We tried to eliminate as much labor as possible. Three proven, local vendors provide the required special heat treating, electroless nickel plating and nylon patch application to the thread.

In addition to automating the production, we monitor and control the production in order to reduce bad parts to near zero. This starts from first article inspection using digital video measuring equipment. We save the first article inspection report, which contains the wire heat number for material traceability, for every job that we run. We created gauges to quickly test the dimensions during production. We also monitor the threads with gauges. As we pack the parts in boxes of 250 pieces per box, our conscientious employees are inspecting the proper placement of the nylon patch on the thread as well as the nickel plate finish.

The Result:

Our OEM customer is very happy with the value proposition that we offer them for their wire forms and springs. They have looked overseas at other suppliers. The cost difference is minimal.

Our quality, service, and ease to work with are superior. We supply just in time weekly shipments of assorted springs and complicated wire forms similar to the part described here. Their production line is happy because we are on time and have near zero rejects. Their purchasing and engineering departments can work on other projects instead of trouble shooting problems with their spring and wire forms vendor.

Wire Form Spring Clip Specifications:


Wire Forms Video Gallery

Master Spring not only has the ability to manufacture custom wire forms to virtually any shape or size, the company also offers a number of secondary operations and finishing services:

  • Threading
  • Chamfering
  • Tapping
  • Welding
  • Plating
  • Passivating

Whether you need a wire form with a diameter of .010″ or 0.500”, you’ll find the partner you’ve been searching for in Master Spring. We specialize in supplying OEMs their requirements of medium to high quantities of wire forms. If you are an OEM searching for a world-class supplier of your wire forms, let us know about your needs.

Watch the videos to see our custom wire form capabilities.

Master Spring’s Wire Forms Offerings

We can create wire forms to your design needs. Our team has been manufacturing springs and wire forms since 1945 and are eager to help. To learn a little more about our wire form capabilities, please visit our wire form main page.


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