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Master Spring Order Details

From first piece approval to order terms, find answers to your spring and wire form ordering questions.

First Piece Approval and Order Terms

The links below will help answer some of your ordering questions. See the Technical Resources page for answers to your design questions.

Download the Quote Preparation Checklist (PDF)

Download the Checklist PDF

First Piece Sample Approval Before Running Entire Order:

If you want to verify that we can make your part per your print before we run the entire order, we can send you 5 to 10 parts (without plating) and the first piece inspection report.  You can inspect the samples to verify they match the print, and then call us back the same day you received the samples to give us approval to run the order.  This way, we hold the machine for less than 24 hours while the parts are delivered to you.  If you will need more than 1 day to approve samples, you should place an order for prototypes or samples.

Any design changes after seeing samples may result in additional charges.  For example, if your design change can be handled by a small change in material feed length, there most likely would be no extra charge.  If you decide to change material type, wire diameter, load or force, or number of bends, any of these significant design changes most likely would result in an extra charge.

Prototype or Sample Orders

If you are testing your design to make sure the spring or wire form is going to function as designed, you will need to place a prototype or sample order.  This will give you time to test the prototype.  You may decide to place another prototype order to test design changes (such as material type, wire diameter, load or force, or number of bends).  See Rapid Prototyping for more information.


Credit Terms

Credit approval is required for all new customers unless you are paying by credit card (VISA, Mastercard, or AMEX).

To establish credit with Master Spring & Wire Form Co., please fax (708-453-6420) or mail your credit application.  The application should include the company names, addresses, contact names, telephone and fax numbers of your bank and at least three trade references.  Also include your bank account number.  Please have an authorized representative of your company sign the application giving approval to your bank to release credit information.

If you don’t have your own credit application, you can download, print, and complete this PDF file.

We will notify you when your credit is approved.

Download the Credit Application (PDF)

Download the Credit Application


  • Upload CAD and or PDF Files: Tips

    **CAD, STEP, and IGS files can no longer be uploaded and must be emailed to info@masterspring.com.

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