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Wire forms for Fishing Lures and Tackle: 50 Years of Manufacturing Precision Parts

Fishing and Tackle Lures  |  March 21, 2014

Last month, we wrote a post about how the wire form is an essential, yet often overlooked part of the fishing lure. This got us to thinking: In 50 years of manufacturing custom made wire forms, we have made a lot of different parts that have been used in fishing lures, bait and tackle. The question became, “Just how many different designs have we made?”

And so we went on a sort of scavenger hunt. We searched our offices and our shop with the intention of taking an inventory of all the different types of fishing lure and tackle wire forms we have manufactured.

Alas! What we discovered was that cataloguing them all would become a monumental task. Over the years, we have made dozens, upon dozens of different types of wire forms for lure and tackle manufacturers. The reality was that trying to showcase them all in a single blog post was an undertaking more massive than any of us really wanted to carry out.

Instead, we have decided to compress our once lofty goal. Instead of giving you a comprehensive inventory of every lure and tackle wire form we have made, we have decided to highlight only a few. While the list below certainly doesn’t cover every part we have ever made, we do hope it sheds some insight into just how important a precision wire form is when manufacturing fishing tackle and lures.

Open Eye Worm Screwopen-eye-worm-screwLure Body Wire Formslure-body-wire-formsCoil Spring Fastenerscoil spring fasteners
Open Eye Shaft Wireopen-eye-shaft-wireHook Hangershook-hangersWire Creviswire-crevis
Clip Spin Wire Crevisclip-spin-wire-crevisWire Leadswire-leads

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