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Design Assistance

Master Spring specializes in custom designs for wire forms and springs. Without a proven partner in the industry, you might find it difficult to obtain the complex parts you need for your application. At Master Spring, we work directly with you to design, engineer and deliver parts on time and within budget.

Custom Spring Design and Wire Form Solutions

Whether you have a design in mind already or just the beginning of an idea, we help you move it from design to production. Master Spring is the industry leader in creative design solutions. In fact, we make designs other manufacturers won’t even quote.

Our design and manufacturing operation works with the best CNC equipment, finishing machinery, design programs and more. We commit to quality in everything we do. Our priority is your confidence in the end result.


When you request a design quote from Master Spring, we launch into action to:

  • Review your design
  • Address design questions
  • Prepare routing
  • Obtain external quotes for raw materials and finishing
  • Finalize pricing
  • Prepare a final quote

In addition, our team looks for opportunities to remove non-value-added requirements to reduce cost and lead time. This includes unnecessary specifications and less expensive, alternative finishes or materials. To learn about common wire form and coil spring materials, explore our Properties of Materials Guide.

Custom Spring Designs

Throughout the custom spring design process, our engineers collaborate with your engineers to improve the design and ensure you are confident with your custom part.

We use spring design software to determine realistic tolerances, given the parameters of your spring design, and confirm the specified loads or torque on your drawing. The software flags if the spring is overstressed, or if the spring does not have enough room to properly work.

Custom Wire Form Designs

To determine the tolerance on custom wire form dimensions that are derived from multiple bends, we prefer to run a trial sample run. If you wish to test your design with a rapid prototype before going to production, this is one of the engineering services that we offer.

We also provide necessary custom finishing for your wire forms, such as stress relieve, shot peen, plate, powder coat, passivate, dye or paint, and plastic coat.

Design Assistance Questions

During the design review process, our engineers and designers consider your specifications to determine key elements for prototyping and manufacturing. When Master Spring reviews your CAD drawing, we consider the following:

  • What is the function of the spring or wire form?
  • Where does it fit? What are the space constraints?
  • How does the component work?
  • What environment does it work in?
  • Is this a new part, or is the part already being made and used? If the part is already being made and used, are there any current problems with the part? Do the current parts match the current drawing’s dimensions and tolerances?
  • Will the parts tangle and affect finishing and packaging?
  • Is special packaging required?
  • How long will it take to approve the part after the customer receives samples?
  • When does the customer need the parts?
  • What is the annual usage?
  • Will this be an annual order?

At the end of our design review, engineers produce a quote that includes detailed routing to manufacture the part, the required wire and outside finishing. Our goal is to complete your quote within 24 hours. You’ll place your purchase order with confidence that the parts will match the print.

Request Your Free Quote from Master Spring

We strive to earn your confidence in our custom springs and wire forms. Our experts have the skills and knowledge to deliver high-quality parts on time and to your exacting specifications. More than producing parts that fulfill an immediate need, our goal centers on providing you with an excellent experience working with our professional engineers and customer satisfaction team.

Ready to get started? Request your custom coil spring quote today. Remember to include as much detail as possible about your product requirements. The best way to provide us your print is to send us a 2D PDF drawing and a 3D CAD file.


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