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Packaging design involves more than the look and feel of the container that holds your springs or wire forms. It also considers the best way to keep your parts secure and damage free during the shipping process. At Master Spring, we work to create successful packaging solutions to give you a simple, streamlined experience.

Wire Form and Spring Packaging Types

We have a variety of innovative ways to package your custom springs or wire forms. Master Spring’s frustration-free packaging options are designed to contain and protect your parts in the most economical way possible. When packing your parts, our staff can:

  • Place parts on a tack board
  • Layer paper or layer cardboard inserts between parts
  • Pack in smaller, more manageable quantities that match your batch production runs
  • Nest parts into small boxes within a larger box
  • Individually tag and label each part
  • String parts on a wire like a set of keys
  • Place parts along an adhesive strip
  • Stack parts in a plastic tube
  • Pack in corrugated boxes or barrels

Master Spring custom spring and wire form packaging

Custom packaging for wire forms and compression springs off the assembly line

Benefits of Specialty Packaging

Our special spring and wire form packaging services facilitate your assembly and shipping processes. We work closely with you to accommodate your specific needs.

Without thoughtful packaging, parts are at risk of tangling, which can cause deformation, delays or damage. When we ship your springs or wire forms, you can be assured they will arrive in an organized and efficient package.

Custom Packaging Design Assistance

We offer design advice to eliminate the risk of tangling altogether. For example, by adding closed ends on compression springs or by making a gap dimension on a wire form less than the wire size, we can make it less likely for your parts to tangle.

Our engineers collaborate with you throughout the design process—from reviewing your quote to obtaining raw materials, finalizing your order and ensuring you’re confident in the finished product.  , including key questions our team considers when we receive your CAD drawing.

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Spring packaging may seem like an afterthought—but at Master Spring, it requires precision, functionality and thoughtful design. Decades of experience qualify us to package custom parts of all sizes and shapes.

Ready to get started? . Remember to share as much detail as possible about your product requirements. Wondering about the best way to provide us with your print? Upload your 2D PDF drawing when you request a quote and email your 3D CAD file.

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