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Custom Coil and Precision Springs

Precision Coil Springs: Compression, Torsion, & Extension

Coil Springs Manufacturer

Master Spring is dedicated to building long-term partnerships with OEMs as their most valued coil spring manufacturer. We have a proven track record of supplying millions of custom coil springs per year to individual companies. We are committed to ensuring you receive the quality parts you need, when you need them. Our custom spring case studies highlight how we have helped OEMs with their precision coil springs as well as custom wire forms.

Ready to learn how we can meet your specific precision coil spring needs? Get more detailed information about our individual products and service below. Whether you’re looking for a custom compression coil spring, custom extension coil spring, or custom torsion coil spring, we can help.

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Compression Coil Springs

We manufacture all different shapes of compression coil springs such as straight cylindrical, conical, barrel, and hourglass.  These compression coil springs can be ground or not ground.  The pitch or spacing between the coils can be constant or variable.

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Torsion Coil Springs

We manufacture custom single body torsion and double torsion coil springs with many different end configurations on the legs.

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Extension Coil Springs

We make extension coil springs with all types of ends, loops, or hooks, including twist loops, cross-center loops, side loops, German hooks, extended hooks, swivel hooks, and flat stock hooks.

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Finishing for Coil Springs

We take care of any finishing required on your coil springs, such as stress relieving, shot peen, plate, powder coat, passivate, dye or paint and plastic coat.  We can also assemble your coil springs into your mating part, or special pack your coil springs to prevent tangling. We also offer an engineering service that allows you to test your coil spring design with a rapid prototype. If you wish to test your coil spring design with a rapid prototype, this is one of the engineering services that we offer.

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Coil Spring Resources

Learn more about coil springs, how they work, and if it’s a good fit for your next project.

Spring Resources
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An Extension Spring Success Story

Manufacturing Springs for Outdoor Power Equipment

Learn how a suggested design change increased the spring's life cycle and reduced the customer’s cost. This customer orders 55,000 of these extension springs per year.



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