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Custom Springs

At Master Spring, our focus is on creating custom springs and wire forms built to match your exacting size, material and tolerance requirements.

Master Spring’s Custom Spring Capabilities

Precision custom springs manufactured using the latest equipment.

Master Spring & Wire Form Co. manufactures medium to high quantities of precision custom springs (helical springs) with a wire diameter of 0.006” to 0.276” and with most material types: brass, bronze, copper, beryllium copper, carbon steel, hard drawn, inconel, music wire, oil tempered, phosphor bronze, and stainless steel.

Why choose Master Spring for your custom springs?

We specialize in supplying OEMs their requirements of medium to high quantities of springs and wire forms.  For over 70 years, Master Spring has been building long-term partnerships with its OEM customers by adapting to meet their needs.  Whether it is acquiring the latest machine technology, implementing a process improvement, or upgrading software, we continue to search for improvements to offer world class manufacturing of springs and wire forms.  Many times, we obtain new OEM customers by solving tough spring and wire form problems that other spring manufacturers choose to “No Quote.”

Custom Compression Springs

We manufacture all different shapes of compression custom springs such as straight cylindrical, conical, barrel, and hourglass. These compression springs can be ground or not ground. The pitch or spacing between the coils can be constant or variable which can impact the spring’s rate and loads. All of these factors impact the design of the spring as well as its intended function.

custom compression spring sizes
custom torsion springs

Customized Torsion Springs

We manufacture torsion and double torsion custom springs with many different end configurations on the legs. We also provide design recommendations for your springs so you can get the most torque across a variety of applications.

Custom Extension Springs

We make extension springs with all types of ends, loops, or hooks such as twist loops, cross-center loops, side loops, German hooks, machine hooks, extended hooks, swivel hooks, and flat stock hooks. With a wide range of CNC spring forming machines, we can manufacture custom springs within a large wire diameter range of 0.010” to 0.250”.

custom extension springs

compression spring for oil fuel filter

Custom Coil Springs

At Master Spring, we manufacture all different shapes of coil springs for compression, torsion, and extension applications. We also provide spring prototypes in rapid time, allowing your company to test your coil spring design with ease of mind.

Finishing for Custom Springs

We take care of any necessary custom finishing required on your custom springs, such as stress relieve, shot peen, plate, powder coat, passivate, dye or paint, and plastic coat. We can also assemble your springs and wire forms into your mating part or special pack them to prevent tangling. If you wish to test your design with a rapid prototype before going to production, this is one of the engineering services that we offer.

custom spring finishing

A Compression Spring Success Story

Manufacturing Springs for the Automotive Industry

Learn how Master Spring was able to manufacture a custom compression spring to support the thin walls of an automotive hose. The challenge was to have the spring fit the tolerance to not protrude the hose. We are able to produce approximately 6,000,000 compression springs per year to spec.



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