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Customized Spring Wires and Wire Forms

We enjoy knowing our spring wires and wire forms are successfully working in millions of OEM products. As a wire form manufacturer, we specialize in developing those difficult designs into finished products.

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A Wire Forming Success Story

Custom Wire Spring Clips for the Electronics Industry

Highly repeatable production and inspection processes result in near zero defects.



We offer Secondary Operations such as thread, chamfer, swage, drill, tap, machine, and weld.  We take care of any finishing required, such as plate, passivate, stress relieve, heat treat, shot peen and tumble. With wire diameters ranging from 0.010” to 0.500”, Master Spring’s wire forming engineers can custom design a wire form that meets your requirements.

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We manufacture and grind custom compression springs with a wire diameter of 0.006” up to 0.276” (0.15 mm to 7.0 mm).  The most common compression spring is a straight cylindrical spring. There are also conical, barrel, and hourglass compression springs. The pitch or spacing between the coils can be constant or variable to help determine the function of your custom compression spring.

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We manufacture custom torsion springs with a wire diameter of 0.010” up to 0.250” (0.25 mm to 6.4 mm).  There are single-bodied torsion springs and double-bodied torsion springs (double torsion). Choose from over 50 different materials to custom create the torsion spring that fits your needs.

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We manufacture custom extension springs with a wire diameter of 0.010” up to 0.250” (0.25 mm to 6.4 mm).  Common extension spring ends are twist, cross center, side, German, machine loops, and extended hooks.  We also manufacture swivel hooks, flat stock hooks, and more. Whatever your needs, Master Spring has the capabilities to design and manufacture virtually any extension spring design.

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