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Custom Wire Forms: Utility Hooks, S Hooks & J Hooks

Designing and Manufacturing Specific Hook and Clips to Meet Your Needs

Popular Custom Wire Forms

Learn about 3 specific kinds of wire forms we can make for you

Master Spring and Wire Form Co.’s expert wire form manufacturers can create any type of custom wire form. With over 70 years of testing and experience, Master Spring has built its reputation on supplying OEMs with whatever wire forms they might need for their application.

Even though we can create custom wire forms with endless unique specifications, we still have some basic types that are more common than others. Explore our custom utility hooks, j-hooks, and s-hooks below to see how even these basic, familiar shapes can be diversified and made unique.

Utility Hooks

Utility hooks are typically made with one threaded end and one hooked. This design allows the hook to be installed in a variety of materials to efficiently hold other objects. Household applications include hanging pictures or cabinets, while more industrial applications might be retail store displays or manufacturing supply storage. No matter what the application is, Master Spring can create custom, heavy-duty utility hooks to match your specifications. Request a free quote on a custom utility hook design today! Request a free quote on a custom utility hook design today!

Click here to read our case study on how we designed and manufactured a custom utility hook that could hang power tools from work belts or rafters.

Utility Hook



Standard S-Hooks have 2 hooked ends, with each side capable of hooking onto something. This design makes s-hooks a great choice for hanging and storage applications. Many industries use them for cable, hose, and cord organization, which helps industries maintain safety compliance. Recreational uses include home organization and simple storage. At Master Spring, we can custom S-hooks for any industry. We manufacture s-shaped hooks, that look like the letter S, or create something more unique.

Contact us today and request a free quote on a custom S-hook.


J-hooks are useful for a wide range of applications, such as situations requiring lightweight load-bearing, construction, or product assembly. They’re commonly seen suspending wiring and cords, or even tubes and pipes at bigger sizes. They can even be used in the fishing lure industry, one of the many industries we specialize in serving.

Master Spring and Wire Form Co. is able to make custom J-hooks in any size and shape according to what your application demands. Contact us today to get your free quote on a custom J-Hook wire form!



Interested in a Custom Wire Form?

Click here to read through our Custom Wire Form Resources to find out about wire form measurement, material types, and see a video gallery of our wire form manufacturing machines in action! Or, request a quote below!

A Wire Forming Success Story

Custom Threaded Wire Forms for Power Hand Tools

When asked to compete globally and showcase our automated capabilities, Master Spring was able to out class the competition. While at first glance, this wire form may appear simple, the process requires the careful orchestration of a number of precise manufacturing operations.



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