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Spring & Wire Form Engineering Services

From design review to capability analysis, Master Spring & Wire Form’s design and engineering expertise will help you solve the toughest spring and custom wire form design challenge.

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Master Spring and Wire Form has been manufacturing custom springs and wire forms since 1945.  Our engineers and set-up technicians have worked on many different springs and wire forms.  We use this work experience and spring design software to review your designs and help solve your spring or wire form problems or suggest cost savings.  Browse through some of our engineering services below and feel free to contact us any time to learn more about how we can help you with your application.

  • Spring and Wire Form Design Review – We will use our experience and software to suggest improvements to your spring or wire form design. Learn more…
  • Capability Analysis – Process Capability Index.  We can enter the dimensions of our run into software to give you the Cpk. Learn more…

For more information on our spring engineering services, feel free to request a quote or call us today at (708) 453-2570.

Spring Engineering Services

Rapid Prototypes of Springs and Wire Forms for OEMs

If you are looking to order a large batch of springs or wire forms from us, but need a sample quickly, we can make 1 to 100 samples, or set up a discussion with a knowledgeable engineer to review and advise on your design. Samples are made with the same machine, tooling, and program that your final production will use, so you can thoroughly test the prototype.

We work with engineers from established OEMs on rapid prototype orders.  Our goal is to develop long-term partnerships with OEMs where we support all of their spring and wire form needs, from prototypes to production quantities.  We prefer not to work with solo inventors or design engineering firms that only order prototype quantities.

You can read one of our case studies where we provided rapid prototype service as part of a production order for an OEM.

Contact us today for help with a spring or wire form rapid prototype project.

Design Review

We will use our experience and software to suggest improvements or cost savings to your spring or wire form design.  We will work with your engineers to help solve problems you are having with your spring or wire form design.  Many times we can quickly solve your problem if we see the mating part of where the spring or wire form functions.  You can see one of our case studies where we suggested a design change to increase spring cycles and cut customer’s costs.

We can get you started with your spring or wire form design review today, contact us for more information.

Capability Analysis

When the Process Capability Index or Cpk is less than one, the process is referred to as incapable. When the Cpk is greater than or equal to one, the process is considered capable of producing a product within specification limits.  We analyze this data to see what kind of tolerances your spring or wire form can hold or where we need to make adjustments to improve the custom spring or wire form production run.

Contact us today for a capability analysis on your spring or wire form.


Find expert information on springs and wire forms

From terminology to properties of wire materials, this is your technical resource for everything spring and wire form related.


One stop for All Your Production Requirements

From grinding, chamfering, drilling and threading to assembly and special packaging, we pride ourselves on delivering a full-service line of production services.


Prototyping, Design, Analysis & More!

From rapid prototyping to capability analysis, our engineers have the expertise to resolve even your toughest spring and wire form design challenge.


An ISO 9001 Registered Spring Manufacturer

With a rigorous quality assurance policy, we remain proudly committed to ensuring we are delivering springs and wire forms that match your exacting quality standards.


Answering All Your Ordering Questions

From first piece approval to order terms and "just in time" delivery, this section is dedicated to answering all your spring and wire form ordering questions.

A Torsion Spring Success Story

Manufacturing Springs for Commercial Lighting

At Master Spring and Wire Form, we take great pride in working with OEM engineers to improve their products by improving their spring and wire form components – and we think that this double torsion spring for commercial lights is a great example of that expertise.



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