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Spring & Wire Form: Production Services

Threading, Chamfering, Finishing, Assembly, Packaging & More… we have a complete of line spring manufacturing and wire form production services.

One stop for all production requirements for your spring and wire form components

We offer additional production services to improve quality, reduce lead time and make your job easier.  If you have any questions or would like more information about any of these spring production services, please contact us.

Our additional spring manufacturing and wire form services include:

  • Custom Rush Service: Custom spring and wire form production in 1 week or less when available.
  • Secondary Operations: Grind, Thread, Chamfer, Swage, Drill, Tap, Machine, Weld
  • Finishing Services: Stress Relief, Heat Treat, Shot Peen, Tumble, Plate, Powder Coat, Passivate, Electropolish, Dye or Paint, Bake Enamel, Plastic Coat
  • Assembly Services: Assemble your mating part to the spring or wire form
  • Special Packaging: Pack springs on tack (sticky) board or layer between sheets of cardboard to minimize tangling.  Bag springs in smaller quantities.

Secondary Operations for Springs and Wire Forms

Spring and Wire Form Rush Service

Quality Custom Springs Manufactured in One Week

As a leading spring manufacturer, our standard lead-time is 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the complexity of your part.  For most compression springs, our standard lead time is 1 to 2 weeks.  When you need your spring or wire form parts in 1 week, ask us for Rush Service.  We will let you know if we can meet your rush requirements and what the additional charge will be.

If you become one of our long-term OEM customers, we will do our best to help you when your occasional emergency comes up.  If you are not happy with your lead times or reaction to occasional rush order emergencies, contact us to get started.

Threading, Chamfering, Grinding & Drilling

In addition to finishing, assembly and packaging services, Master Spring offers a number of secondary spring and wire form services like threading, chamfering, swaging, drilling, tapping and welding. Are you looking for something else? Contact us today. We’ll work with your team to craft the custom spring or wire form you require.

We welcome you to browse our image gallery of some of our secondary operation final products.

Compression Spring Grinding
Wire Form Chamfering
Wire Form Drilling
Wire Form Machining
Wire Form Swaging
Wire Form Tapping
Wire Form Threading
Wire Form Welding
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Spring and Wire Form Finishing Services

From plating to plastic coating, Master Spring can supply your complete component

Master Spring & Wire Form Co. has strong relationships with qualified finishing vendors that offer quality finishes, short lead times and competitive pricing. Learn more about our finishing services below, and contact us if you have further questions on how we can create a custom product for you.

Stress Relief

A low temperature heat treatment given to springs and wire forms to relieve residual stresses produced by prior cold forming. This improves the spring’s or wire form’s shape memory to spring back to its formed shape and resist taking a set.  We have an in-line oven at each of our forming and coiling machines to stress relieve the parts.

Heat Treatment

For special heat treating at temperatures above stress relieving, such as anneal, austemper, harden and temper, vacuum heat treat, and ferritic nitrocarburize, we use qualified spring and wire form heat treatment companies that are located 15 minutes from our facility for quick service.

Shot Peen

This service blasts the surface of spring or wire form material with steel or glass pellets to induce compressive stresses that improve fatigue life.


This service shines the parts and removes sharp edges.


The most common spring and wire form plating requests we receive are listed below. If you don’t see your plating requirement, just ask for it and we will get it done.

  • Anodize (clear and various colors)
  • Black Oxide
  • Cadmium Plate (clear, yellow, blue, red, black, olive drab)
  • Chrome
  • Chromate (Clear, black, yellow, olive drab)
  • Copper
  • Electroless Nickel
  • Electrolytic Nickel Plate (bright, dull)
  • Tin Plate (bright, dull)
  • Zinc electroplating (clear, black, yellow, green, red, and blue)

Powder Coat

Numerous colors of powder coats are available for springs and wire forms.


Acid treatment of stainless steel to remove contaminants and improve corrosion resistance. Recommended for springs and wire forms used in the medical and food industries.


Has best results on 300 series stainless steels. Brightens, removes burrs, and passivates.

Dye or Paint

We can color code your springs or wire forms in any color at your request..

Bake Enamel

Assorted colors of baked enamel are available for wire forms.

Plastic Coat

We can plastic coat your springs or wire forms in various colors.

Contact us for more information on our finishing services.

Spring and Wire Form Assembly Services

Let us provide your spring or wire form sub-assembly to you

We can assemble your mating part to the spring or wire form and supply the sub-assembly to you.  You can reduce the number of components that you have to purchase and inventory as well as reduce your assembly cost.

Let us get you started with our spring and wire form assembly services today! Contact us for more information.

Spring and Wire Form Assembly Services

Special Packaging for Springs & Wire Forms

Save Your Operations Time and Money

When we ship your springs or wire forms, you can be assured that they will arrive to you in an organized and efficient package. We can pack the springs or wire forms on tack board or layer them between sheets of cardboard to minimize tangling.  We can also bag the springs or wire forms in smaller quantities to match your batch production runs.  You can see one of our case studies where we pack one wire form per heat–sealed bag with a label.  Our special spring and wire form packaging services will facilitate your assembly and shipping processes.

Contact us today to get more information about the special spring and wire form packaging services that we can offer your business.

Special Packaging for Springs & Wire Forms

A Wire Forming Success Story

A Custom Threaded Wire Form for the Power Hand Tool Industry

When asked to compete globally and showcase our automated capabilities, Master Spring was able to outclass the competition. Check out this success story about a custom designed wire form for the power hand tool industry.



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    **CAD, STEP, and IGS files can no longer be uploaded and must be emailed to info@masterspring.com.

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