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Springs and Wire Forms: Useful Links

Searching for spring and wire form resources you can trust? Master Spring is happy to provide some useful outside links that may help you with your spring or wire form application.

Glossary of Wire Terms:

Please refer to a comprehensive glossary of all terms beyond what you find in our technical resource section.


Descriptions of Carbon Spring Wire Materials:

The descriptions include the ASTM standard, properties and applications, chemical compositions, tensile requirements, variations in diameter, and standard wire diameters.


Descriptions of Stainless Steel Spring Wire Materials:

The descriptions include the ASTM standard, properties and applications, chemical compositions, tensile requirements, variations in diameter, and standard wire diameters.


Decimal Equivalents of Wire Gauges

See the Gauge Reference Chart to convert wire gauges from different standards to decimal equivalents. Because different standards exist for wire gauges, it is better to use decimal or metric numbers than gauges to define wire diameters.


Properties of Materials

This internal link is a chart of wire and strip material types. The last column describes each material’s chief uses and special properties.





Find expert information on springs and wire forms

From terminology to properties of wire materials, this is your technical resource for everything spring and wire form related.


One stop for All Your Production Requirements

From grinding, chamfering, drilling and threading to assembly and special packaging, we pride ourselves on delivering a full-service line of production services.


Prototyping, Design, Analysis & More!

From rapid prototyping to capability analysis, our engineers have the expertise to resolve even your toughest spring and wire form design challenge.


An ISO 9001 Registered Spring Manufacturer

With a rigorous quality assurance policy, we remain proudly committed to ensuring we are delivering springs and wire forms that match your exacting quality standards.


Answering All Your Ordering Questions

From first piece approval to order terms and "just in time" delivery, this section is dedicated to answering all your spring and wire form ordering questions.

An Extension Spring Success Story

Manufacturing Springs for Outdoor Power Equipment

Learn how a suggested design change increased the spring's life cycle and reduced the customer’s cost. This customer orders 55,000 of these extension springs per year.


Contact Us using our form or call us at 708-453-2570 to help with your company’s precision spring and wire form requirements.

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